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Jamai Raja: Sid Stops Kunal-Roshni Marriage; Gets Bansi-Kunal Arrested

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In Jamai Raja, Roshni (Nia Sharma) is shattered to know that she is not DD's real daughter. Back in Nerona, Sid (Ravi Dubey) meets Dr. Shah and asks him about DD's delivery.

Dr. Shah tells Sid that DD had given birth to a healthy baby. He confesses that Bansi made him lie to Nani about DD giving birth to a stillborn.


Bansi starts making arrangements for Kunal-Roshni's wedding. She gets Nani locked in the room and asks Roshni to come for the Mehendi ceremony.

Shabnam And Bansi

Shabnam asks Bansi of her plan. Shabnam is hurt listening to Bansi and decides to take revenge on everyone.


Kunal is happy that Roshni has signed the divorce papers. He tells her that now she will be his wife. Kunal forcefully applies Mehendi on Roshni's palms.

Bansi's Goons

Bansi will receive the news that Kunal escaped from the kidnappers' hands. She will order the goons to attack and kill Kunal and then make it look like an accident.


Sid successfully fights with the goons and reaches Mumbai. He stops Kunal and Roshni's marriage. He beats Kunal.


After a lot of commotion in the house, Kunal and Bansi's drama finally comes to an end. Sid would send Bansi-Kunal to the jail.

He says that the baby Nani stole from Heeralal was actually DD's baby. Bansi had swapped the babies without Nani's notice.

Sid escapes from where he was held captive. Back home, Roshni gets ready to sign the divorce papers. Nani asks her not to do so. Roshni says that she has to protect Nani.

Roshni signs the divorce papers and hands it over to Bansi. Bansi is happy and announces that now she will get Kunal married to Roshni. Roshni tells Nani that Sid will definitely be back and make everything fine.

Nani hopes for Sid to return soon. Bansi comes there and orders Roshni to come for Mehendi. Nani objects to this. Bansi asks Premal to keep Nani locked in the room till the marriage is over.

Meanwhile, in Nerona, the goon is about to attack DD when Sid arrives there and beats him up. DD, Sid and Dr. Shah hurriedly leave for Mumbai to stop Kunal and Roshni's marriage.

In the car, Dr. Shah informs DD that, Roshni is her real daughter. DD becomes emotional and says that she has been living in the guilt that Roshni is not her own daughter. The goons call Bansi and inform her that Sid was successful in escaping from their captivity.

Bansi asks him to kill them and project the murder as an accident. Sid pledges to teach Bansi and Kunal a lesson. Premal locks Nani in the room.

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