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Jamai Raja: Sid’s Next Plan To Expose Kunal Revealed, Read On...

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In the latest episode of Jamai Raja we saw Sid (Ravi Dubey) trying to figure out Bansi's plan. He tells Simran and Raj that Bansi had made DD's baby's horoscope, even before her delivery.

He feels something is definitely wrong, and promises to find out the truth behind it. Sid celebrates Makar Sankranti by flying kites. Kunal inteferes and challenges to defeat Sid in everything, including flying kites.

Kunal Pushes Sid

Sid stops Kunal from filling Roshni's maang with sindoor. Kunal gets angry and pushes Sid, off the terrace. Sid falls down. The entire family is shocked.

Roshni Questions Kunal

Roshni asks Kunal why he pushed Sid off the terrace. Kunal tells her that Sid is not her real husband, rather it's him. Roshni is taken aback knowing this.

Happy Time In The Family

Roshni and DD go to Sid's house to celebrate Lohri. Everyone dance around the bonfire and DD is very happy to see Roshni glad after such a long time. However, their happiness will be short-lived as a big drama is coming their way.

Raj-Shagun Wedding

Sid's father, Raj will get married to Shagun. This will shock Simran, Kritika and Roshni. Roshni will accuse Raj for betraying everyone while Raj will keep quiet because of Sid.

Sid’s Plan

Sid has planned to get Shagun closer to Raj so that hecan derive all the information about Bansi and Kunal. Sid will call Shagun as Choti ma. Simran and Raj are involved in his plan.

Will Sid Be Successful?

Sid has devised a new plan to extract Kunal and Bansi's truth. However, will he be able to take out their secrets and successful this time? Stay tuned!

Roshni (Nia Sharma) joins to help Kunal in flying kites. During the third round, Sid fakes to have cut his finger. Roshni gets worried and runs towards him. Cunningly, Sid takes advantage of Kunal's inattentiveness and cuts his kite's string.

Roshni and Kunal get upset over this. Sid tells Roshni that everything is fair in love and war and gives her an affectionate hug. Kunal feels jealous and plans to fill Roshni's maang with 'sindoor'.

Kunal comes to Roshni and tries to fill her maang with sindoor. Sid stops him and tells him that Roshni is his bride. He says Roshni came running to him, seeing him in pain.

This is sufficient enough to prove that Roshni loves only him. He further ridicules Kunal saying that no one can separate them as their love is eternal. In a fit of rage and jealousy, Kunal pushes Sid off the terrace.

Sid falls down. Roshni, DD and everyone present there, stand shocked! In the upcoming episode we will see Roshni confronting Kunal for pushing Sid down.

Kunal tells her that Sid is dead. He says that he is her real husband, not Sid. Roshni will be in shock because she trusted Kunal to be her friend.

Going ahead, we will see Sid getting his father married to Shagun, secretly. This is Sid's new plan to expose Kunal and Bansi. The show is sure to take a new turn.

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