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Jamai Raja: Will Sid Stop Kunal From Forcefully Marrying Roshni?

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The latest episode of Jamai Raja started with Kunal using DD's phone to call Sid (Ravi Dubey). Kunal gets to know through the call that Sid is going to Nerona.

Roshni (Nia Sharma) tells DD that she was wrong; by not believing Sid's words about Kunal. Shagun calls Bansi and tells her that Raj and Sid betrayed her. Bansi tells her a plan and asks her to act accordingly.

Roshni Is Shocked

Kunal reveals to Roshni that Alaknanda is not her actual Nani and DD is not her actual mother. Roshni is dumbstruck to hear this.

Roshni To Marry Kunal

Bansi asks Roshni to get ready for the mehendi ceremony. Bansi plans to get Roshni married to Kunal. Shabnam tries to stop Bansi but in vain.


Kunal forces Roshni to marry him and urges her to apply mehendi on her palms. He threatens to kill Roshni's family if she doesn't agree to what he demands.


Somehow, Sid will be able to escape from the kidnappers. He has a huge fight with the goons. He leaves for his home.

Will Sid Be Successful?

Sid will fight the goons and hurries back home to stop Kunal and Roshni's marriage. Sid will be successful in saving Nani and he will also stop Kunal and Roshni's marriage.

Kunal's goons kidnap Sid in Nerona. DD gets kidnapper's call and is worried for Sid. On Nani's advice, DD leaves for Nerona to save Sid. Meanwhile, Sid hears someone's voice.

He gets to know that it is Dr. Shah, the same doctor he had been looking for. On the other hand, Bansi asks Premal to pack Nani's bag and send her to the old age home.

Roshni gets infuriated listening to this. Bansi tells Nani that she has to go to either the jail or the old age home. Roshni asks her why would Nani go to jail and what's her crime.

Bansi threatens to tell the secret to Roshni. Nani folds her hands and pleads to Bansi to not tell Roshni anything. Roshni is confused and asks Nani not to cry.

Kunal smirks saying that Bansi can spoil anything and everything. Roshni asks Kunal to stay away from their matter. Kunal says that he will tell the truth because Roshni deserves to know it.

Bansi tells Roshni that Alaknanda is not her Nani. Roshni is shocked! Shabnam stands amused too! Nani breaks down at whatever is happening there. Further, Kunal tells Roshni that DD is not her actual mom.

In the upcoming episodes we will see that Kunal will force Roshni to marry him. Bansi will start making the preparations for the marriage.

How will Sid escape from the kidnappers and will he be successful in saving Roshni from Kunal's intentions?

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