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Jana Na Dil Se Door Spoiler: Marriage Drama - Ravish Is Shocked With Vividha’s Rejection! (PICS)

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In Jana Na Dil Se Door, as we reported earlier in the spoiler, Ravish (Shashank Vyas) and Vividha (Shivani Surve) get married. Ravish's family members and Kailash are happy, while Vividha's family members are worried thinking about Atharv (Vikram Singh Chauhan).

After the marriage, the couple takes blessings from the family members. Although Vividha is not happy with the marriage, she performs the pre and post-marriage rituals because of the deal that she had made with her father Kailash! (Check out the latest updates & spoilers with pictures)


First night will be organised for the newly-wed couple. Ravish is unaware of Vividha's past and smitten over by her beauty. Vividha is lost in her thoughts and gets angry seeing the room decorated.

Vividha Angry

Vividha recalls Atharv and the good old days spent with him. Seeing Ravish in the room, Vividha gets annoyed and she throws away her ornaments in anger.

Ravish Tries To Help Vividha

Ravish is shocked with Vividha's strange behaviour on their first night of the marriage. He sees her shoulder bleeding, as her sari pin pricks her. He tries to take the pin out.

Vividha Pushes Ravish

But, Vividha feels he is getting closer to her and pushes him. Ravish is shocked, but at the same time hurt. Vividha would have hurt the wound that Ravish had while fighting with the enemies.

Ravish Starts Bleeding

Ravish starts bleeding and Vividha tries to avoid him although she is concerned. Ravish tries attend to the wound by himself, but suffers in pain and also he won't be able to reach the wound.

Vividha Helps Ravish

Seeing Ravish struggling, Vividha helps Ravish. She applies bandage to his wound. Well, it has to be seen whether Ravish wins Vividha's heart and takes Atharv's place. Will Vividha forget Atharv seeing Ravish's innocence? Stay locked to this space for the latest updates...

Story So Far...

Vividha refuses to go with her mother Uma, as she would have promised her father that in return of Atharv's life, she would marry the guy he chose for her, Ravish.

The family members wait for Ravish as he fights his enemies in the war zone. Suman is worried about Ravish. The pandit reminds Suman that only a few minutes are left for the marriage and if the groom doesn't come on time, then they will have to change the muhurat!

Although Ravish would be injured in the war, he keeps up his promise and reaches the mantap on time. Suman and Kailash breathe a sigh of relief, while Vividha recalls her love Atharv seeing Ravish.

Ravish takes the blessing from his family members and gets ready for the marriage. Suman reminds Ravish of the marriage promise. Ravish looks at Vividha and is mesmerised with her beauty, while the latter is lost in own (Atharv's) thoughts!

During the marriage, each ritual performed with Ravish, reminds Vividha of Atharv. Vividha's family members also recall Atharv, seeing Ravish. Vividha and Ravish also, perform the post-marriage rituals.

Seeing Vividha unhappy, Bhoomi asks Kailash about the same. Kailash takes Vividha to speak to her privately. He reminds her of the deal, while Vividha warns Kailash to keep Atharv safe.

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