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Jana Na Dil Se Door: Ravish-Atharv’s Secret Revealed; Suman Furious; Vividha Shocked! (PICS)

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In Jana Na Dil Se Door, we had recently revealed that Vividha (Shivani Surve) and Atharv (Vikram Singh Chauhan) came face-to-face. Vividha will be shocked to see Atharv and Ravish (Shashank Vyas) in the same room, and faints.

Ravish manages to hide Atharv again. After Vividha gains consciousness, she screams saying that she saw 'him' in the room, in front of everyone. Ravish again manages to hide Atharv's truth from everyone. Check out the upcoming spoilers with pictures...


Vividha convinces herself that Ravish is not in the house and she is just imagining things as her mother said. Vividha decides not to hurt Ravish's family members as they are good people.

Ravish Tries To Hide The Plate

In the upcoming episodes, Ravish will try to hide the pooja thaali that Sujatha had forgotten outside the room, in a hurry. Although, he successfully manages to hide the thali, the photo (of Sujatha and Ramakanth) in the thali, goes missing.


Also, Atharv tries to escape by administering, the injection to Ravish. When Sujatha tries to stop him, he pushes her and tries to run out of the room. It has to be seen whether Ravish's house members or Vividha finds him.

Suman Shocked

According to the latest spoiler, an unexpected incident happens as Suman finds the photo of Sujatha and Ramakanth. She will be shocked. She also gets to know that Ravish is helping and hiding Atharv (who is his step brother) in a room.

Ravish-Atharv Step Brothers

As we all know that Ravish is doing a duty and helping a person (Atharv) as he was found in a critical condition. Ravish is unaware that Atharv is his step brother.

Ravish Misunderstood

Both Suman and Vividha misunderstand Ravish. Vividha will be shocked to know that Atharv is Ravish's step brother. According to the spoiler, she will also be seen accusing Ravish of kidnapping Atharv!

Story So Far...

Suman, who is concerned about Vividha, asks Ravish to take care of his wife. Now that Ramakanth is dead, Suman fears that her husband's 'other woman' (Sujatha) might come to the house and claim their rights.

Ramakanth's father repents that although he fulfilled his promise given to Suman's father (that he would marry her to Ramakanth), he couldn't assure her happiness. But now, he assures Suman that he won't let Sujatha or her son to enter the house and ruin their happiness, until he is alive.

Meanwhile, Ravish goes to the room, where Atharv is being treated. He scolds Sujatha for being careless. But, she reveals to Ravish that  it has been a month since her husband's death and she couldn't stop herself from going to the temple. Ravish asks Sujatha to take care of Atharv as his condition is very bad.

On the other hand, Atharv gets restless, and tries to escape, while Ravish gives him an injection to calm him down.

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