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Jana Na Dil Se Door: Sujatha Misunderstands Ravish; Atharv Goes Missing! (PICS)

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In Jana Na Dil Se Door, Vividha (Shivani Surve) is missing her love, Atharv (Vikram Singh Chauhan). After Kailash hurt Atharv badly, she does not get any information about Atharv and Sujatha's whereabouts and gets worried. At Ravish's (Shashank Vyas) house, she gets to hear some strange noises and also sees Atharv, and panics.

Every time, Vividha tries to find Atharv, he disappears from the place. Apparently, Ravish is trying his best to hide Atharv and Sujatha from his family. Ravish also gets to know that Sujatha is another woman in his late father's life. He feels that if Sujatha and Atharv come in front of his mother Suman, then she might get upset, so he hides them.


It has to be recalled that Atharv got hurt on his head, and is suffering from a trauma. The latest spoilers even suggest that he has lost his memory and when Vividha comes in front of him, he doesn't recognise her.

Sujatha & Suman

Sujatha blames Kailash and Vividha for Atharv's condition. She also misunderstands Ravish. Apparently, she sees Suman and gets to know that Ravish is Suman's son. She feels Ravish is hiding them from his family as he fears that they might ask a share in the property!

Sujatha Misunderstands Ravish

It has to be recalled that Atharv had got the prescription paper and changed the doses. Due to this, Atharv suffers attack and gets violent. But Sujatha feels Ravish has changed Atharv's medicine doses.


Ravish would chain Atharv, which Sujatha doesn't like. She feels Ravish is trying to harm Atharv and decides to escape from the place. The fact is Ravish is just trying to help Atharv, as the latter might harm anybody, even himself, if he is not given the proper medication!

Sujatha & Atharv Escape

Sujatha and Atharv escape from the secret room, while Ravish and Situram search for them. Sujatha calls Abdul and asks him to appoint a lawyer for them, as she is not able to control Atharv. Why she wants a lawyer, is yet to be known.

Sujatha Manages To Escape

Ravish finds Sujatha, but again, they escape. Sujatha lies to Atharv saying they are playing hide and seek, and they have to win. Atharv takes this seriously, and hides in a box.

Athrav Hides In The Box!

Ravish searches for Sujatha and Atharv. While Sujatha hides from Ravish, Atharv hides in the box, which will be taken away by unknown people! Will Sujatha and Ravish find Atharv? Stay locked to this space for the latest update...

Story So Far...

It has to be recalled that Vividha's birthday was celebrated by Ravish and his family members. Vividha is happy that her birthday was made so special, and thanks Ravish and his family.

But, she will be shocked seeing Atharv's greeting card. Seeing the card, she recalls her good old days with Atharv.

Meanwhile, Sujatha comes to the birthday party and misses seeing Vividha. Situram finds Sujatha at the house and takes her back to the secret room.

During Karva Chauth festival, Uma asks Vividha to observe fast for Ravish, but Ravish's family do not want Vividha to fast. They tell her that it is not in their traditions, so they take her to the temple, instead of celebrating the festival. Vividha wants to observe fast for Atharv.

When the family members are in the temple, Sujatha escapes from the secret room, with Atharv.

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