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Jana Na Dil Se Door Spoiler: Will Kailash’s Evil Plan Separate Vividha & Atharv? (PICS)

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In Jana Na Dil Se Door, Vividha has got to know about her father Kailash's reality. She catches him beating her mother, Uma. She also gets to know from her mother that Kailash is cheating her and wants her to get married to another person and not Atharv.

Uma even reveals that Kailash has been torturing and beating her, since a long time. She cannot tolerate the fact that her daughter was being cheated by her father. Vividha is shocked with the revelation and runs to meet Atharv. (Check Out The Latest Updates & Spoiler With Picture)

Vividha Begs Kailash

We saw Kailash stopping his men from beating Atharv after Vividha reveals that she is ready to do anything what Kailash asks her to. But, in the upcoming episode, we will get to see Kailash plotting an evil plan to separate Vividha and Atharv.

Uma Worried

Seeing Vividha and Kailash together, Uma is worried. Vividha's mother and other family members doubt, whether Kailash has hurt Atharv. Vividha doesn't answer them and silently walks.

Atharv Hurt

After seeing her love, Atharv bleeding and hurt, Vividha breaks the bangles and pours a pot of water on her. Everybody is shocked with Vividha's behaviour. Kailash watches her silently.


Vividha is shattered and recalls all the sweet moments spent with Atharv. She also believes that Atharv will find some or the other way to reach Vividha. But, at the same time, she reminds Kailash about Sathi's story.

Vivdha Warns Kailash

She warns him that she will destroy him, if anything happens to Atharv. Kailash is shocked at Vividha's words. But, he doesn't stop from making evil plans.

Kailash’s Evil Plan

According to the latest spoiler, Kailash will be ordering his men to kill Atharv. Also there are reports of another man's entry in Vividha's life. As we reported earlier, Kailash will want Vividha to marry Ravish.


Ravish hails from Delhi and is a military person. Apparently, he is unaware of Vividha and Atharv's story. Kailash forcefully, try to get Vividha and Ravish married!

Will Athrav Die?

Will Athrav die? Is this the end of Atharv and Vividha's love? Will Ravish get to know about Vividha's love and Kailash's evil plan? Stay locked to this space to get more updates on the show...

Vividha reveals to Atharv how she got to know about Kailash's secrets. Atharv consoles her and promises to be with her always. He also asks Vividha to promise him that she would stay without him, even if anything happens to him, by chance.

When Vividha and Atharv decide to marry, Kailash comes to the place, with his goons. The goons hit Atharv on his head. Atharv gets hurt and starts bleeding excessively! Sujatha shouts seeing Atharv bleeding, and both Vividha and Sujatha shout for help. They even ask Kailash to stop his men, but in vain.

Vividha is not ready to leave Atharv and stays with him, but Kailash separates her from Atharv. The goons beat Atharv badly! Kailash asks Vividha to watch her beloved in extreme pain.

Vividha begs her father to stop his men, but in vain. After that she tells Kailash that she is ready to do whatever he asks her to, the latter stops his men from beating Atharv.

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