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Kasam SPOILER: Malaika Enters Rishi & Tanuja’s Wedding; Huge Drama In Store For The Viewers!

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In Colors' popular soap opera Kasam, Rishi is all set to marry Malaika. On the day of the wedding, Malaika makes excuses of going to parlour and arrives at a hotel to meet an anonymous man.

Raj, who is at the market spots Malaika entering the hotel and follows her. Malaika enters a suite. It is revealed that the anonymous man is Malaika's boyfriend and she is duping Rishi, by marrying him. (Check out the latest spoiler below).

Rishi & Tanuja’s Wedding

Tanuja agrees to sit in Malaika's place for the wedding as per Raj's request. Rishi and Tanuja's wedding rituals begin. Raj wants Tanuja to marry Rishi and not Malaika.

Raj Is Happy

Raj is happy, that his dreams are finally coming true. Marriage rituals proceeds, Rishi is asked to apply sindoor on the bride's forehead. Just then, the power goes off.

Rishi Applies Sindoor

As the power goes off, Rishi will be unable to see the bride's face. Nonetheless, he will go ahead and apply sindoor on the bride's (Tanuja) forehead. The couple are traditionally married.


Later, Malaika will enter the wedding venue, only to learn that Rishi and Tanuja are married. She will create a huge drama.

Rano Blames Tanuja

As always, Rano will blame Tanuja for trapping Rishi and supports Malaika instead.

Raj Supports Tanuja

On the contrary, Raj supports Tanuja. He will confess that, he felt Malaika was not the right choice for Rishi, as he spotted her with her boyfriend on the day of the wedding and hence, he made Tanuja sit in place of Malaika.

Rishi In Shock

Even Rishi will be in shock after learning that, he has married Tanuja and not Malaika. Will he accept Tanuja as his wife? Keep guessing!

Raj listens to their conversation and arrives home in a state of shock. He meets Tanuja (Kratika Sengar) and tells her to sit in Malaika's place for the wedding as she hasn't arrived yet.

He adds that, it would be disgraceful if the bride does not arrive on time and hence asks her to take Malaika's place (in reality, Raj wants Tanuja to marry Rishi). Tanuja gets ready as bride, with her face covered with a veil. Raj warns her not to remove the veil, at any cost.

Since, her face is covered with a veil, Rano will presume her to be Malaika and takes her to the mantap. Meanwhile, Malaika who is still at the hotel, with her boyfriend realizes that, she is getting late for the wedding and proceeds towards the wedding venue.

But, as fate would have it, she is not able to reach the venue in time. To add to her troubles, even Katyani Bai tells her, that Rishi belongs to someone else and not her.

On the other hand, Marriage rituals begin. Rishi and Tanuja perform the rituals. Will the wedding take place without any hassle? Stay tuned for more updates...

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