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Kasam Spoiler Alert: Rishi & Tanuja's Reception Party; Rishi Can't Take His Eyes Off Tanuja!

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In Kasam, Rishi and Tanuja (Kratika Sengar) are married. Malaika blames Tanuja for taking her place, but Raj stands by Tanuja. But, Rano accuses Tanuja of trapping Rishi.

Bedis get to know that, Raj is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Upon Raj's request, Rishi agrees to give his marriage, a chance. However, he assures himself that he won't let Tanuja take Tanu's place.(Check out the latest spoiler below).


In the upcoming episodes, Bedis decide to host a reception to celebrate Rishi and Tanuja's union. Tanuja will take care of all the arrangements, whereas Rano tries to spoil her work.


Raj will gift a saree to Tanuja and asks her to wear the same for the reception. But, Malaika will tear the saree apart. But, Malaika acts good in front of Tanuja, and asks her to wear any of her outfits. Malaika's plan is to demean her, in front of Raj.

Tanuja Arrives At The Party

Tanuja will arrive at the reception, dressed a black outfit. She looks breathtakingly beautiful in the attire.

Rishi Can't Take His Eyes Off Tanuja

Rishi can't take his eyes off Tanuja during the party and ends up gazing at her. He is completely mesmerized by his wife's beauty.

Rano & Malaika

Rano and Malaika will be jealous on seeing Rishi and Tanuja cgetting close to each other. Malaika will be irked on seeing that, her plan to demean her has gone for a toss.

Tanuja Introduced To Guests

At the reception, Raj and Beeji will officially introduce Tanuja, as their daughter-in-law to all the guests. Will Rishi ever accept Tanuja as his wife? Wait and watch.

The Last Episode...

On their wedding night, Tanuja gets flashbacks of Rishi marrying a girl in her dreams. She wakes up and wonders, who the girl could be. Even Rishi dreams about Tanu and recalls the promises, she had made to him, years ago.

He even ends up addressing Tanuja as Tanu, and wonders why he is unable to stop himself from getting close to her and leaves the room straight away!

Malaika, who is hell-bent upon getting close to Rishi, arrives at the terrace, where Rishi stands still thinking about Tanuja. Malaika tries to get close to Rishi, who pushes her away, by telling her that until he is Tanuja's husband, he has to be loyal to her and walks away.

The next day, Tanuja prepares Kheer for everyone, but Rano forbids her family from tasting the sweet dish. Nonetheless, Raj tastes the kheer and praises Tanuja. Unaware of who the cook is, Rishi tastes the kheer. He loves the taste, but finds fault when he gets to know that Tanuja has prepared it.

Later, they get to know that, Malaika has left the house. Tanuja insists that, she will bring her back. She gets the address from the driver and lands in the hotel room, where Malaika is spending time with boyfriend, Shekhar. Will Tanuja get to know Malaika's truth?

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