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Kasam Spoiler: Rishi To Break His Alliance With Mallika?

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In Colors' popular soap opera, Kasam, Rishi (Sharad Malhotra) has agreed to marry Mallika, a girl of his mother's choice, much to the shock of his other family members. In the last episode, Neha agrees to send Tanuja (Shivani Tomar), her daughters, Vidhi and Nidhi, to Mumbai along with Bani.

Bani and Neha decide to keep Tanuja as a maid, while they tell Nidhi and Vidhi to trap Nakul, Rishi's nephew in their love.

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Neha Decides To Send Her Daughters To Mumbai

In the last episode, Neha decides to send her daughters, Vidhi and Nidhi, to Mumbai, along with Bani. She also suggests Bani to take Tanuja along. Bani agrees and decides to take Tanuja along and keep her as maid to do all the household chores.

Bani Tells Nidhi And Vidhi To Trap Nakul

Bani is still hungry for money. As she couldn't use her daughter, Neha, to trap Rishi in the past, so she decides to use her grand-daughters and asks them to trap Nakul Bedi, Rishi's nephew, in their love.

Sandy Is Emotional

On the other hand, Sandy becomes emotional to send Tanuja alone, as she has never been away from him. He tells her that he feels a strange connection with her. She reminds him of Tanu (whom he shot).

Tanuja Confronts Sandy

Sandy tells Tanuja, as to how he shot Tanu, who was innocent. Tanuja confronts him, by saying that things that happened in the past was because of the situations. She also asks him not to worry.

Bedi Family Plans A Dinner Party

Rano has planned a dinner party for her entire family. She is excited about the same and invites Mallika and her family to join them for dinner. Rishi agrees to join in as well.

Tanuja Leaves For Mumbai

Tanuja is about to leave for Mumbai. Tanuja gets some flashback episodes about Mumbai, although she has never visited the city. Vidhi tells Tanuja that may be her destiny is taking her to the city.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Tanuja's destiny brings her to Mumbai. She will feel a connection with the city. Tanuja arrives at Bani's house and will soon get some flashbacks, but fail to remember things clearly.

The much-awaited Rishi and Tanuja's union may take a long time, whereas the blink-and-miss game between them will soon begin. Guess what? Rishi and Tanuja will soon land at the Maa Kali temple at the same time!

But, they will not meet each other, as Rishi angrily leaves the temple, recalling his past with Tanu.

As per the latest spoiler, there will be a high-voltage drama in the upcoming episodes, as Rishi will refuse to marry Mallika. Reportedly, his mother Rano will be very upset with his decision. However, Rishi will adhere to his decision.

After listening to Rishi's statement, Rano will be very hurt and she will blame Tanu for all the happenings! Enraged, Rishi will yell at his mother for the same.

She will even curse Ahana for the same. Ahana, who cannot hear anything against her sister, curtly tells her that Rishi is alive because of her sister!

But, the actual reason as to why Rishi refuses to marry Mallika is because he will get to know about Mallika's past. She would have deceived people in the past, which would have led to her divorce.

His family will be unaware of this fact and his mother will blame Tanu behind Rishi's sudden decision.

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