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Kasam SPOILER ALERT: Tanuja Meets With An Accident; Rishi To Accuse Tanuja For Trapping Malaika?

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Colors' popular soap, Kasam has managed to enter the list of top 10 shows this week and as per a report published in the leading entertainment portal, the show has bagged 9th place with 2.2 points.

Indeed, Kratika Sengar's re-entry as Tanuja is working wonders for the show and we expect it to regain its original position soon. In the recent episodes, the viewers witnessed a furious Rishi yelling at Tanuja, to leave the Bedi house right away. (Check out the latest spoiler in the slides below).


In the last episode, Tanuja pours her heart out in front of the goddess Kali. She feels that Tanu's face will add more troubles to her life.

Neha & Bani

Meanwhile, Neha is upset that her plan to trap the Bedis, with the help of her daughters have failed. Neha tells Bani that she will try to trap Rishi, but is warned by Bani.

Katyani Bai

Rishi brings Malaika home from the airport. Katyani Bai arrives at Rishi's house and reminds him of Tanu's rebirth.


While Malaika seems interested in Katyani Bai's words, Rishi refuses to believe her again and asks her to leave, as he is least interested. Post this, Malaika meets Rishi's family and they receive her warmly.


In the upcoming episodes, Tanuja would decide to search for a job and goes to meet her friend. While walking on the road, she passes by Rishi's office.

Tanuja Meets With An Accident

She goes into flashback, where she reminisces all the moments spent with Rishi. She is lost in her own thoughts and meets with an accident with Malaika's car. A huge crowd gathers and Malaika panics.

Rishi To Blame Tanuja?

Malaika takes Tanuja along with her. Rishi would get to know about this and he would target Tanuja again! He would accuse Tanuja of trapping Malaika, for getting close to him.

With nowhere to go, Tanuja leaves Rishi's house in tears and sits alone in a park in the middle of the night! A few men misbehaves with her. Luckily, Katyani Bai turns out to be her saviour and she takes her to the same Kali maa temple, where she got married to Rishi in her previous birth.

It has to be recalled that, Katyani Bai was always aware about Tanu's rebirth. She tells that Tanuja that she is Tanu, and has returned to fulfill her promise by re-uniting with Rishi. Tanuja is in a dilemma. She decides to take shelter in the temple for a few days, until she gets a job.

As fate would have it, Rishi arrives at the same temple, but they do not meet each other. At the same time, Rano calls Rishi and asks him to pick up his childhood friend, Malaika, from the airport.

Rishi's family hopes to get both Rishi and Malaika married this time. Malaika arrives and it is evident that, she likes Rishi. As per the sources, she might turn negative in the forthcoming episodes.

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What has fate in store for Rishi and Tanuja? Stay tuned to know...

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