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Koffee With Karan 5: Shahrukh Khan Wins The Koffee Hamper Yet Again; Alia Bhatt Wins GK Round!

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Koffee With Karan Season 5 that premiered yesterday (November 6), had Dear Zindagi actors Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhatt, as the first guests. The show was indeed entertaining with a lot of revelations and funny rounds (quiz)! This season, Karan had three rounds of quiz for the actors.

The first round was the 'Actor round', in which both Alia and SRK had to win Karan with their acting skills. Karan gave the situation, while SRK and Alia had to enact it. Karan asks Shahrukh to read the butter chicken recipe with sensuality, rhymes in Arnab Goswami style and a Technical Manual in Shakespearian style; while Alia was asked to read out Finance news like a Hindi film heroine from 60's being chased by a villain and a speech in a teenager style.

As we revealed, SRK being the king of acting, won the 'Acting' round. We must say, we were impressed with SRK's way of reading rhymes in Arnab Goswami style. The second round was 'Rapid Fire' round, which was indeed interesting! Read on ....

Alia’s Rapid Fire Round

If you wake up as a male actor, who would that be?
Akshay Kumar, I think he has a great life. He sleeps and wakes up early.

If you could be invisible, which actress would you stalk...
Kangana (She has a lovely airport looks. I want to know where she is going)

Career Choices For The Actors

If not acting, what career choices the following actors should pick...
Varun Dhawan - Marketing Head
Ranveer Singh - Designer
Sidharth Malhotra - Defence/Army

Crush On Co-star?

Have you ever had a crush on a co-star, who was it?
I don't have that issue, I am pretty vocal...

Bollywood Break-ups?

Name three recent bollywood breakups
Sushant and Ankita
We never know, in next hours somebody might be breaking up, so let's wait. Karan says you didn't include any of yours!

Ranveer OR Ranbir

Between Ranveer & Ranbir both ask you out on date on same day, who would you decline in favour of the other?
Can I decline both and sit at home and order pizza?

Which Actress Comes To Your Mind When...

Miss Congeniality: Kareena then corrects it to Dia Mirza
Gossip Queen: Kareena
Mamma's Boy: Ranbir
Most likely to be caught red-handed - somebody who is not very wise may be me!

Matrimonial Ad For Yourself!

If you write a matrimonial ad for yourself, what would it say: Read the offer documents carefully before investing...
Strangest rumour you have heard about yourself: Lying about my age

Alia’s Rapid Fire Questions

If you were to experiment, who is an actress you would like to have a liaison with
Katrina, we have already bunny hop together and it totally works!

Have you ever spread rumoured about yourself - No.

Hooked up at a wrong place - Alia asks, "Describe hookup". Karan says made out. Alia replies, "I never kiss and tell!"

Alia’s Rapid Fire Questions Continues

Hit on a co-actor - Never really had to do at first!
Drunk dialled an ex- It's a problem still trying to control.
Cheated on your boyfriend - I only cheat on Sundays (with food)!

Kill, Hookup, Marry: Arjun, Varan, Sidharth

Alia asks Karan to change the list). Karan changes to - Ranbir, Ranveer, SRK

Marry: SRK
Hookup: Ranbir
Ranveer: I love you but you and Deepika are fab together, so I will kill you.

Fav Actor

Sushant, Ranbir, Ranveer, Tiger - Order of who you like!
Alia: SRK

Which of the girls you like the most: Deepika, Anushka, Priyanka, Katrina, Sonam, Shraddha
Alia: I love katrina and also kareena

Ans These Questions As SRK

Describe Yourself in one adjective: Magical
My worst performance to date: I thinks that's (question) not for me
My best performance to date: Daar
Director I should work with: Zoya aktar

Srk’s Rapid Fire Round

The role that you have regretted passing on
the 4 idiot (3 idiots)

Woke Up As ...

Ranveer: I will ask him where he got his padded underwear (otherwise, i am fan)
Alia: I will just read a newspaper (Alia, I do read on my phone; follow the app na!)

SRK’s Rapid Fire Questions

First celeb crush: Cheryl Ladd (Charlies angles) and Mumtaz ji

If you were to star in Indian remake of 50 shades of grey who would you cast opp to you: (Chains, handcuffs) Alia!

Pick up line: F me if I am wrong, but isn't your name Madushee!!

SRK’s Rapid Fire Questions Continues

What is your worst nightmare: being stuck in the bigg boss house, losing all your hair or sextape on you being leaked: Losing all my hair.

Best part of being SRK: I can do anything I want...

Worst part of being SRK: As I can do anything I want, I can get into trouble.

Marry, Kill, Hookup – Kat, Anushka, Aish

Marry: Katrina
Kill: Anushka
Hookup: Aishwarya

Answer As Alia Bhatt

Worst performance: Student of the year
Your competitor: I am my own competitor
Fav co-star: SRK
President of India: SRK makes fun, and says, "I have the app!!"

The last GK round was the funniest round and Alia won the hamper as she gives more correct answers than SRK! She got a television/radio shaped gift hamper. SRK was seen laughing seeing the hamper. Initially, seeing the hamper, Alia was disappointed, but when Karan said that the goodies are inside the hamper, there was a smile of Alia's face!

Karan makes the announcement and gives the hamper to Alia. He says, "The same girl who was humiliated and insulted for not knowing the President of India's name has won this quiz over SRK. Though he won the actor and rapid fire round losing the General Knowledge quiz to Alia is a victor ... The nation just found out!! (in Arnab style)."

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