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Krishnadasi Takes A Leap; Aradhya Dead; Aryan Becomes Devdas; Shravani Undergoes Makeover!

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In Krishnadasi, Kumudini has been trying to separate Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aradhya (Sana Sheikh), who love each other a lot, but are staying away because of family problems. Although, Aaba Saheb wants Aradhya to reunite with Aryan, Kumudini is against it, because of her enmity with Aaba Saheb.

In the previous episode, we saw Shashwat and David getting to know that somebody has mixed poison in the prasad. David sees Jairaj and doubts on him. He tries to follow him, but in vain.

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Aradhya shocked

Aradhya fears Aryan is in trouble, thinking that he would have had the poisoned prasad. But she will be shocked to see Aryan drowsy, and Shravani crying on bed.


Kumudini and Nakku would have planned all these. They would have asked Shravani to trap Aryan to separate him from Aradhya and they are successful.

Shravani's New Look

According to the latest spoiler, the show will shortly take a leap. Shravani is seen in a new look. She has turned modern and shed her village look. It has to be seen if Kumudini has got Aryan married to Shravani.

Shravani & Kumudini

Shravani is seen following Kumudini's instructions. Kumudini taunts Shravani asking her what is the use of her new look when she can't trap Aryan, even after a month.

Aryan Shattered

Aryan will be shattered as he is separated from Aradhya. According to the spoiler, the family members assume that Aradhya is dead!

Where Is Aradhya?

What happened to Aradhya? Is she really dead? If not, how will she get fight back Kumudini and Shravani to get Aryan back? Stay locked to this space to get the latest updates of the show...

On the other hand, Shravani mixes a drug in Aryan's prasad on Kumudini's order. After eating the prasad, Aryan falls unconscious and Shravani applies lipstick mark on Aryan. She covers herself with a comforter and starts crying.

Meanwhile, Aradhya, David and police follow Jairaj, who enters Bhamini's house. Aradhya misunderstands that Bhamini is also involved in the work. Bhamini, who is innocent, remains silent and recalls the past and is happy to see her granddaughter (Aradhya).

Aradhya is unaware that Bhamini is her aaji and asks the police to keep an eye on Bhamini so that they can catch Jairaj and Bhamini red-handed.

Aradhya gets to know about the Prasad and rushes to stop Aryan having it. Meanwhile, Aaba Saheb also starts blaming Kumudini (he feels she planned to trap him by poising food). He threatens her to get her arrested.

When Aradhya reaches Kumudini's home, Shravani would have started the drama. Aaba Saheb and Aradhya are shocked to see Shravani with Aryan and Shravani crying. They suspect Aryan, who tries to explain the scenario, but in vain!

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