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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Spoiler Alert: Radha Rani To Instigate Neha Against Sonakshi?

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In Sony's favourite soap opera Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) and Sonakshi's Diwali preparations are going on in full swing. It is their first Diwali post marriage and both are equally excited.

As we all are aware that, there are issues going on in Neha's marital life, due to which she has left Ranveer, as she feels that, Ranveer spends all his money on his family, and not her. Now, Neha wants to divorce Ranveer. (Check out the latest spoiler below).

Diwali Celebrations

Diwali celebrations begin at the Dixit house. Elena arrives with the gifts to wish the Dixits. Vicky flirts with her, but Elena resists his advances. He purposely burns his hands and Elena caters to his wounds.


In the upcoming episodes, Ishwari and Dev are about to leave for the temple. But, Sona would hurt herself while lighting the crackers and this will cause burns on her foot.

Dev Takes Care Of Sona

Dev would panic upon seeing Sona's condition and continue to take care of her, for sometime until she's fine. Amidst all this, he would forget that he had to take his mother to the temple.


After sometime, he would rush to take his mother to the temple, only to find out that she has already left alone, as he was busy taking care of Sonakshi. Dev will be upset. Is Ishwari furious with Dev? Keep guessing!


As per the latest spoiler, Neha, who is insecure of Sonkashi will finally develop a liking towards her in the upcoming episodes. It has to be recalled that, Sona had tried to solve Neha's issues earlier, but this did not go well with Neha.

Radha Rani's Plan

Apparently, Sona and Neha's increasing closeness will irk Radha Rani and she will try to create issues between the two. Radha Rani has been trying to instigate Ishwari against Sona, but it is being said that, she will target Neha this time. Will her plan be successful? Wait and watch.

Dev supports Neha and lashes out on Ranveer. On the contrary, Sonakshi wants to unite the couple. She tries to talk to Neha, but Neha bursts out on her. Later, she meets Ranveer's bhabhi and tries to solve the issue, but all her efforts go in vain.

Things go worse, when Ranveer gets to know about this and arrives at Dixit House and embarrasses everyone. As per the latest spoiler, Sonakshi's efforts to unite Neha and Ranveer finally become fruitful, as Neha will agree to unite with Ranveer, after pondering over the issue. How will Sonakshi manage to convince Neha? Stay tuned to know.

Meanwhile, it is Dev and Sonakshi's first Diwali. Dev helps Sonakshi in arranging the diyas, while Radha Rani tries to instigate her against Sona and tells her that, she is snatching Dev away from her.

Upon Sona's suggestion, Dev bring gifts for all the family members and they are happy. Bose family is celebrating Diwali too. Sona receives a call from Sourabh, who tells her that, Dev sent Diwali gifts to them as well. Sona is surprised.

Will Dev and Sonakshi's Diwali go on smoothly? Stay tuned to know...

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