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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi: Bose Family To Propose Dev & Sonakshi's Marriage; Will Ishwari Agree?

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Yay! Good news for all Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi fans out there! In the last episode, Mamaji gives a hint to Dev that Ishwari is upset with him for hiding his relationship. Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) finally gathers courage and confesses to his mother, Ishwari about his relationship with Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes)!

Ishwari, who is still hurt, does not say much, but tells him that her happiness lies in his happiness. Dev's joy knows no bounds after listening to her words. Dev feels, she is happy with his choice. Although, Ishwari is reluctant to divide Dev's love with anyone, she agrees for Dev's happiness.

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Mamaji Confronts Dev

In the last episode, Mamaji tells Dev that the reason for Ishwari's cold behaviour towards him, is the fact that he is hiding his relationship with Sonakshi. Mamaji tells him, not to hide it anymore, as his mother already knows about it.

Dev In Shock

Dev goes into a state of shock after knowing that Ishwari is upset because of him. He feels that, Sonakshi was right, as she always wanted him to be vocal about their relationship to his mother.

Sonakshi Is Restless

Sonakshi is upset thinking that, Dev doesn't want to be open about their relationship, as he is not sure about her. Her dad consoles her, by saying that Dev will surely tell Ishwari and asks her to give him some time.

Dev Talks To Ishwari

Dev feels that it would be unfair to hide this fact anymore and rushes to Ishwari to confess everything about his relationship. Dev finally admits that he indeed loves Sonakshi.

Ishwari's Reaction

Ishwari is speechless after his confession. She replies by saying that, her happiness lies in his happiness. His joy knows no bounds after listening to his mother's words. He happily leaves, whereas Ishwari is still worried.

Dev Calls Sonakshi

Dev calls Sonakshi to inform her about the good news. She doesn't pick up the call. He decides to surprise her by meeting her straightaway and lands outside her house in the middle of the night.

Sonakshi Is Still Worried

Sonakshi sees Dev's missed calls and calls him back. He doesn't pick up the call. She feels that Dev is still upset with her. Dev calls her back and asks her to come out, as he is waiting for her.

Dev Surprises Sonakshi

Sonakshi is very tensed after receiving his call and rushes down to meet Dev. When she comes down, he does not say anything, but lifts her in joy. Sonakshi is surprised.

It has to be recalled that Sonakshi's family is very happy about her choice. They feel, Sonakshi has made the right decision by choosing Dev, as her life partner.

In the upcoming episodes, things might take a new turn as both the families are aware of Dev and Sonakshi's relationship. As per the spoiler, things will slowly proceed towards their marriage!

This is an exciting moment for all the DevAkshi fans, who are waiting for the sweet couple to unite soon!

In the forthcoming episodes, the Bose family will decide to get their daughter, Sonakshi married to Dev. They would proceed to the Dixit house to fix Dev and Sona's alliance.

The Bose family will also be keen on proposing Dev and Sona's marriage to Ishwari. What will be Ishwari's decision? Will she accept Dev and Sona's marriage proposal wholeheartedly?

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