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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi SPOILER: Dev & Sonakshi To Get Intimate; Ishwari Lashes Out On Sona!

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In Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, Ishwari is slowly getting jealous of Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) and Sonakshi's closeness. An over-possesive mother she is, is unable to digest the fact that her beloved son is giving equal importance to Sona.

So far, she is trying to behave normally with her. But, we never know when her jealousy will take over her mind. In the recent episodes, we saw Ishwari informing Sona, about fasting during Navratri. (Check out the latest spoiler in the slides below).


In the last episode, Dev decides to hire Vicky as a trainee, as per Sona's suggestion so that he learns the harder way. Vicky arrives and Dev informs Vicky about the same.

Vicky Upset

Vicky, who expected that Dev would offer him a big position is disappointed about Dev's decision. Left with no choice, he agrees but is furious on learning that he is being told to do menial jobs.


On the other hand, Ishwari tells Mamaji not to discuss Neha's issues with Sona, as she might pass on this news to her parents whereas, Mamaji curtly tells her that, Sona is equally concerne for Neha.

Radha Rani's Drama

Later, Vicky arrives home and informs that, he is being offered a trainee position by Dev as per Sona's suggestions. Radha Rani fumes in anger and informs Ishwari about the same.


This does not go well with Ishwari and she tells Sona that, Vicky is Dev's brother and he cannot work in Dev's office in a lower position. Sona tries to explain her, but in vain.

Dev-Sonakshi Get Intimate

In the upcoming episodes, Sona who is maintaining a distance from Dev as she is observing Navratri fast, will violate the ritual. As per the latest spoiler, Dev and Sonakshi will get intimate.

Ishwari Lashes Out On Sona

This is not all. Ishwari will get to know about this and she would yell at Sonakshi for the same. How would Sonakshi react to this?

Dev Supports Sonakshi

Dev will defend Sonkashi regarding this. He would tell Ishwari not to blame Sonakshi alone and he is also equally responsible. Well, we wonder how would Ishwari react to this? Keep guessing!

Although, Ishwari doesn't insist, Sona who wishes to adapt to their family's culture and traditions, insists that she will fast during Navratri as well. But, Ishwari puts forth a condition that she should stay away from Dev till Navratri gets over and Sona agrees.

But, this will not go well with Dev, as he feels that his mother insisted Sona to fast and confronts her for this. But, he regrets later when he learns that Ishwari never insisted Sona to do so.

On the other hand, Neha comes back to Dixit house, leaving Ranveer, citing financial problems. Meanwhile, even Bose family is facing financial crisis too. Meanwhile, Dixit family decide that Vicky should join Dev and assist him in business.

Dev, who thinks of giving him the designation of Sales Manager (even though he doesn't have any qualification) is told by Sona to hire him as a trainee so that he works hard and realize the value of hardwork.

In the upcoming episodes, Sonakshi's Navratri fast will be broken. As expected, Ishwari will reprimand Sonakshi for the same. Will Dev support Sonakshi? Stay tuned to know...

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