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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi NEW PROMO: Unexpected! Dev & Sonakshi Ousted From The House By Bejoy!

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In Sony's favourite soap opera Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, the Dixits celebrate Diwali in a grand manner. But the celebrations came to a screeching halt, when Sona burned her foot. Like an ideal husband, Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) takes care of Sona, but is late to take Ishwari to the temple.

Hence, she ends up going alone, which upsets Dev. On the other hand, Vicky and Elena are gradually coming close, but Dev and Sona end up arguing over Neha's issue! (Click on the slides to see the latest spoiler below).

New Promo

As we had reported earlier, Dev will go to the Bose house, to bring her back. The new promo of the show is out, wherein Dev reaches the house, but Sona is not too pleased to see him there.

Sonakshi Refuses To Budge

An angry Sonakshi will refuse to go with Dev. He will decide to stay back at their house, so that he can convince her to go home with him. In the meantime, he will bond well with his father-in-law, Bejoy and the duo spend some good time together.

Dev's Plight

Later that night, Sona will throw Dev out, from her room. Bejoy and Asha allow Dev to sleep in their room and are forced to sleep in the hall. In the middle of the night, Dev and Sona will attempt to see each other.


But, they will collide each other in the hall and end up arguing again! Asha and Bejoy will wake up upon listening to their loud argument and Bejoy will tell them to resolve their issues.

Dev & Sonakshi

But, the couple will refuse to budge. An angry Bejoy will literally throw them out of the house in the middle of the night and ask them to come back only when they have resolved all the issues between them.

Will They Solve The Issues?

With this, the couple is forced to spend the night outside the house. Will the couple resolve the issues? Wait and watch.


As per the latest spoiler, Ishwari will reach the Bose house, the next morning, only to find Dev bonding well with his in-laws. Ishwari will confront Dev for spending the night at their house, without informing her. How will Dev react to this?

In The Last Episode...

As we all know,Ranveer has filed a legal harassment case against Neha, for trying to separate him from the family. Furious with his step, Dev fires Ranveer from the job and the Dixits are informed of this, by Ranveer's bhabhi.

Sona tells Dev, that he did no good by firing Ranveer from the job, but he is adamant too, and yells at her. Neha, who listens to their argument, apologises to Dev for marrying Ranveer against the family's wishes, but asks Dev to give his job back.

Ishwari politely tells Sona to celebrate Bhaidooj at her house and she agrees. Dev comes back home at night, only to find Sona's note which says that, she will stay at her parents' place for a few days.

He feels restless on learning that she went without even informing him. Sona avoids Dev's calls and even he misses her back home. Nikki and Riya tease him and Mamaji asks him to bring her back.

Will Sona agree to come back with Dev? Stay tuned to know...

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