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Kumkum Bhagya: Bulbul Commits Suicide In Front Of Pragya; Is This The End Of Bulbul’s Track?

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In Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya (Sriti Jha) has been going through a tough time since a long time. She has gone to the extent of being bad to her family, and even, her husband. Pragya is doing all the things that makes her own family hate her. Looks like her bad times won't end anytime soon, as her sister Bulbul has committed suicide!

In the previous episode, we saw how Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) recalls the incident, where he was lied to, about Bulbul being critical, when he was about to catch Vijay. Because of one fake call, he missed catching Vijay in the nick of time.

Bulbul Upset

Seeing her damaged face Bulbul gets upset. She recalls Alia's words and decides to take the extreme step. Bulbul writes a note to Purab and leaves the hospital.


Purab reads the note by Bulbul, given by the nurse and is shocked. He runs to stop Bulbul, but by then she would have left the place. Shattered and with no other option left, he calls Pragya.

Pragya Worried

Pragya is already upset that her family was not treating her well, thinking she is money minded. And the news of Bulbul missing makes her more worried.


Pragya asks Purab to relax, as he was crying uncontrollably. Just when she was thinking about Bulbul, she gets a call from her. Pragya recalls the doctor's words that Bulbul can't speak as her vocal cords are damaged. She asks her to message.


Pragya gets Bulbul's message and tries to console her but in vain. She calls Purab back and asks about their favourite meeting spot and decides to go there, while Sarla and Purab too leave.

Pragya Tries To Stop Bulbul

Pragya tries to stop Bulbul, who was trying to commit suicide by jumping from heights, but in vain. Bulbul bids goodbye to Pargya and falls off. Pragya is shocked, and reveals the same to Purab and Sarla.

Sarla Accuses Pragya!

Purab still feels Bulbul is alive and tries to find her out, while Pragya tries to console Sarla, who hates Pragya. Sarla blames Pragya for Bulbul's death, and breaks all ties with her.


On the other hand, Abhi sense that something is wrong and will not be able to sleep. It has to be seen will Abhi, Pragya and Purab find Bulbul? Or whether this the end of Bulbul track.

Is This The End Of Bulbul’s Track?

Is this end of Bulbul's track? Well, we don't feel so, as her character has been recently replaced. If Bulbul's track ends, Alia will win easily, which we are sure, will not happen! Hit the comment box to share your views...

Abhi also finds a lighter with which the chandelier was set on fire. Abhi worries about how to get the fingerprints of the family members, while Pragya takes up this responsibility of getting the fingerprints. As always, Abhi again reveals to Pragya, how much he hates her because of her changed attitude.

On the other hand, Sarla meets Bulbul at the hospital and reveals how much she is excited to take her back home. But Bulbul recalls Alia's words and gets upset that her face has been spoiled and thinks Purab may start hating her new face.

When Sarla goes out, Bulbul checks her face and gets shattered, seeing her face damaged. She decides to take the extreme step, and writes a note to Purab. The nurse gives the note to Purab, who is shocked reading the same.

When Purab reaches the room, Bulbul would have left. A worried Purab calls Pragya, who asks him to stay in the hospital. Sarla too. reads the note and is upset.

Bulbul tries to speak to Pragya, by calling her. But since her vocal cords were damaged, Pragya asks her to message. Bulbul's messages upsets Pragya and the latter decides to find Bulbul.

Pragya calls Purab and finds out their favourite place of meeting. Pragya, Purab and Sarla reach the sam place. Even though Pragya requests Bulbul to not to take the extreme step, she doesn't listen and falls down.

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