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Kumkum Bhagya: Sarla Meets With An Accident; Will She Survive To Tell Tanu’s Secret To Abhi-Pragya?

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In Kumkum Bhagya, the dragging track of exposing Tanu, continues. Pragya (Sriti Jha) is trying to the find father of Tanu's unborn child, but gets into another trouble as her mother Sarla gets kidnapped by Nikhil.

As we all know that Pragya had taken a watchman's avatar to expose Tanu. She was blackmailing Tanu and had asked to get the money to an isolated place, with the help of Purab and Ronnie. Pragya and Purab would have fixed cameras, to capture Tanu in the camera while she gives money to the blackmailer!

Abhi & Pragya

Abhi and Pragya search for Sarla in the market. Pragya diverts Abhi's attention as she finds Tanu's car. Abhi goes in other way, while Pragya goes to the isolated place to find Sarla.

Sarla In Kidnapper’s Den

On the other hand, Sarla repents following Pragya and getting caught by Nikhil and Tanu. Sarla feels bad that because of her, Pragya will now divert from her main goal of trapping Tanu and saving Abhi.

Abhi-Pragya Argue

Seeing Pragya in the isolated place, Abhi follows Pragya to know what she is upto. Abhi and Pragya again, get into an unnecessary argument. We are sure that this time too, they fail to find Sarla.

Sarla Meets With An Accident

In the upcoming episode, Sarla will try to escape from the captivity. She finds Pragya and shouts her name. Sarla will be seen running towards Pragya without seeing the speeding car and will meet with an accident.

Sarla Hurt Badly

Pragya and Abhi find Sarla, badly hurt. They will try to take help of the people to reach the hospital, but in vain. Finally, Purab and Ronnie will get the car, and they will reach the hospital.


It has to be seen, whether Pragya and Abhi took Sarla to the hospital on time? Will Sarla be able to reveal Tanu's secret? Stay locked to this space, while we will be soon back with the latest update.

Unfortunately, Tanu had taken Nikhil's help. Nikhil is blind in love and trusts Tanu blindly. Tanu had told Nikhil that after she marries Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia), she will get the money from Abhi, and return back to Nikhil.

Nikhil and Tanu think Sarla to be the blackmailer as they find her in the spot. Also, to save Pragya, Sarla accepts that she was the blackmailer.

Sarla gets to know that Nikhil is the father of Tanu's unborn baby. Nikhil finds something fishy, and instead of killing Sarla, as decided, his men kidnap her.

On the other hand, after Sarla goes missing, Pragya and Purab get tensed. Along with Dadi, they start searching for Sarla, but in vain.

In the previous episode, we saw, although Pragya was tensed about her mother's kidnap, along with Purab, she try to extract the truth from Tanu, as they feel Tanu is behind the kidnap.
Tanu gets the parcel (Tanu and Abhi's torn photos) with a note of Abhi's fan, which said, he/she hate Tanu and didn't want Abhi to get married to her.

Tanu gets tensed seeing the parcel as Abhi questions her, Tanu decides to inform about the parcel to Nikhil, and plans to meet him. Pragya tries to follow her, but Abhi stops her. After argument, Pragya and Abhi decide to find Sarla, together. (Click on the slides to read the story and spoiler)

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