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Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler: Pragya Gets Arrested; Abhi-Pragya To Share A ‘Veer Zaara’ Moment!

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In Kumkum Bhagya, Alia knows that as long as Pragya (Sriti Jha) is with Abhi, he can't get married to Tanu! She decides to separate Abhi and Pragya, so that Tanu can marry Abhi, without any problem.

Alia plans to separate Pragya from Abhi, and she will be successful as well. Read on the latest updates and spoilers with pictures...


Alia and Tanu call the police to get Pragya arrested. Dadi stops Alia saying it is their family problem and they shall deal it without the police.


Even Abhi opines the same. But, the police reach the Mehra house on time and arrests Pragya. Although, Abhi asks the police not to arrest Pragya, they tell that it is a fraud case and they shall deal with Pragya.

Purab Angry At Alia

Alia blames Pragya and tells Abhi that she has taken advantage of his simplicity. She warns Abhi to be careful. She speaks against Pragya, and Purab is not able to tolerate Alia.

Abhi Lashes Out At Purab

Purab gets angry at Alia and lifts his hand to slap her. But Abhi stops him. He warns Purab from hurting his family members. He is shocked that Purab is going against his family members for a secretary.

Purab Shocks Abhi

Purab shocks Abhi with the statement. He tells Abhi that she is not ‘Abhi's' secretary! It has to be seen how Purab clarifies his statement. Will he tell the truth or will he say he considers Nikita as his sister?

Abhi Meets Pragya At Police Station

In the upcoming episode, Abhi and Pragya will be seen sharing Veer Zaara's ‘Tere Liye' moment in jail. Apparently, Abhi misses Pragya in the Mehra house and decides to meet her in the police station.

Pragya Upset

Abhi reaches the station to meet Pragya, who is upset with him. She feels that he could have saved him from getting arrested, but didn't.

Pragya In The Police Station

On the other hand, Abhi is also angry at Pragya but at the same time, feels bad for her. Although, he knows that Pragya is innocent, he couldn't save her as all evidences were against him. He stands in front of Pragya, helpless!


According to the latest spoiler, Pragya's mother Sarla will be seen trying to revive his memory. She tells Abhi that her daughter is innocent. It has to be seen, how Abhi saves Pragya.

Story So Far...

It has to be recalled that during Tanu's mehendi ceremony, the 'shagun thali' falls on Pragya. The sindoor falls on Pragya's forehead, and Abhi tries to wipe it off. To add more salt to the injury, Abhi applies Mehendi on Pragya's hand (he spreads the mehendi on her hand).

Pragya is happy, while Tanu and Alia are annoyed. Dadi and Sarla taunt Alia and Tanu. Sarla asks them not to fool Abhi, just because he lost his memory. She adds that Abhi still loves Pragya and the Mehendi incident is the evidence.

It is then, Alia challenges Dadi, that she will get Tanu married to Abhi for sure.

Meanwhile, Tanu is annoyed with Pragya and tries to slap her. But Abhi comes to Pragya's rescue. He supports Pragya and also asks Tanu to apologise to Pragya.

During the Mehendi, Abhi and Pragya also share a romantic moment. But, their happiness will be short-lived like always as Alia's wicked plan separates the love birds.

The accountant asks Pragya to get Abhi's signatures. Apparently, these are the property papers that were given by Alia to trap Pragya.

When Abhi was about to sign the papers, she lies to Abhi that Nikita is playing with his emotions and is a fraud. She just wants his property. Although, Abhi doesn't believe Alia, all the evidences are against Pragya.

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