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Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya Pregnant; Alia & Tanu’s Plan To Backfire!

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In Kumkum Bhagya, while Alia is helping Tanu to get her married to Abhi, Pragya (Sriti Jha) is not ready give up on her love. The pregnancy and memory loss drama continues on the show.

It has to be recalled that previously, Tanu was pregnant and she had claimed that Abhi is the father of the unborn baby, because of which Abhi was ready to marry her. But, the real father of her unborn baby was her boyfriend Nikhil. Unfortunately, Tanu suffers miscarriage, and later Abhi's memory loss halts Tanu's marriage with him.

Now, the makers are reusing their previous plot, but now, instead of Tanu, Pragya is shown pregnant. Well, Pragya is not really pregnant and it is Alia's plan to defame Pragya in front of Abhi. Check out the latest updates and spoilers with pictures...

Pragya Faints

While Pragya and Abhi are on the way home, Pragya falls unconscious. Abhi fears and gets her to the Mehra house. He asks Alia to call the doctor.

Alia Bribes The Doctor!

Alia asks the doctor to lie that Pragya is pregnant. When doctor refuses to do so, she lies to her that Pragya not letting Tanu marry Abhi, and by telling this lie, she will help Tanu and Abhi. She also bribes the doctor.

Pragya Pregnant

Thus, the doctor declares that Pragya is pregnant. Everyone is shocked with Pragya's pregnancy. Abhi is hurt and confronts her about the father of her unborn baby.


Pragya reveals to Dadi that since Alia got the doctor, it will be her plan to separate her from Abhi. Again, Dadi and Pragya join hands against Alia and Tanu.

Alia's Plan Backfires

According to the latest spoiler, Alia's plan backfires. She would think that Abhi would leave Pragya after knowing that she is pregnant, but Abhi will start helping Pragya.


Apparently, Dadi will talk to Abhi, who is confused. She manages to create sympathy towards Pragya by telling Abhi that Pragya cannot do anything wrong.

Alia & Tanu

To Alia and Tanu's shock, Abhi will take the responsibility of Pragya's unborn baby. Will Abhi break his marriage with Tanu now? Or will Abhi get to know the truth? What will Alia and Tanu do?

Story So Far....
It has to be recalled that although Abhi decides to marry Tanu (as Alia would have forced him to), he is seen supporting Pragya in every single step. Alia would also send Pragya to jail, after which Pragya and her family leave the place.

But, this doesn't separate Abhi and Pragya. Somehow, Abhi manages to find Pragya and get her back to the Mehra house. Alia and Tanu are disappointed to see Pragya back in the house and they threaten her.

Pragya warns Alia and Tanu that she will soon reveal their secrets to Abhi.

In the previous episode, we saw how Tanu threatens Pragya over the phone. Pragya turns on the loudspeaker, while Abhi gets upset as to how Tanu is treating his friend Pragya.

Alia feels that Abhi has a good impression about Pragya, if he gets to know that Pragya is wrong, he would leave her. It has to be seen to what extent Alia will go, to defame Pragya and separate her from Abhi!

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