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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi Spoiler: Oh No! Ranveer To Get Engaged To Naina; Ishaani’s Torture Continues

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Looks like the makers of Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi have decided to torture Ishaani (Radhika Madan) to the maximum. The makers are not yet ready to re-unite the love birds - Ishaani and Ranveer (Shakti Arora), and are creating back-to-back troubles in their lives.

Previously, it was Chirag, then came Ritika and now Nirbhay! Uff, don't know when the makers will show pity to Ishaani as she has been crying and struggling from the beginning of the show. We are sure audiences are also tired of watching her cry and see the couple separated.


Ranveer calls his parents, home and reveals his decision of getting married. He also adds that he is marrying Naina, to take revenge on Ishaani, as she is in the same house. Ranveer's parents are shocked.

Ranveer & Amba

Amba and Kailash ask him not to ruin his life, thinking of Ishaani and also not to play with the innocent girl's life. But, Ranveer will be adamant.


On Nirbhay's order, Ishaani goes to the neighbouring house, which is Veer's, with Naina's marriage proposal. She is happy to see Veer in the joker's avatar, entertaining kids.


Ishaani gets the shocks of her life, when she finds Ranveer in place of Veer! RV also breaks Ishaani's heart by accepting Naina's proposal.

Nirbhay Angry

In the upcoming episode, Nirbhay gets to know that Veer is none other than Ranveer, and cancels the marriage proposal. But his mother-in-law's emotional words will force him to accept Naina and RV's relationship.

Ranveer's Family At Nirbhay's Home

Ranveer comes to Nirbhay's home with Amba and Kailash, while Ishaani is heartbroken to see how much he and his family hate her.


Ishaani will be tortured emotionally, as she will be asked to get Naina ready. She removes the extra jewellery from Naina, as Ranveer likes simple girls.


On the other hand, Nirbhay will get closer to Ishaani and introduces her to Ranveer and his family, as his wife. Ranveer gets jealous seeing Ishaani closer to Nirbhay, while Ishaani is shocked at Nirbhay's behaviour.

Nirbhay is happy seeing Naina, and teases her with Veer. Naina's mother feels that Ranveer is the right person for Naina, as he saved her from the goons. She even feels that he was the reason why Naina's health improved and decides to speak to Ranveer about Naina's marriage.

But Nirbhay knew that Ishaani was the reason for Naina and the family's happiness, and not Ranveer. And little did Naina's mother know that Ranveer had tricked Naina to gain entry to Nirbhay's family to take revenge on Ishaani. The dog, as well as goons' attack on Naina, all a part of Ranveer's plan.

Ranveer will be shocked with Naina's marriage proposal and rejects it straight away. Disappointed with the rejection, Naina's mother request Nirbhay to take responsibility of making Ranveer agree to the proposal.

Naina would have been rejected already by Ambar, who had selected Ishaani instead of Naina. And she feels, if Naina gets to know about Veer's rejection, she won't be able to handle it.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi Spoiler: Ishaani Makes A Deal With Nirbhay; Ranveer Becomes A Joker!

On the other hand, Ishaani will be seen planning to steal the medicines and the secrets about the virus from Nibhay's locker. She will be planning to run away with the medicines to Ranveer forever, but Nirbhay catches her from stealing.

As we reported, Nirbhay will make a deal with Ishaani. Nirbhay tells Ishaani that if she makes Veer agree for the marriage, he will free her and give the medicines! (Read the remaining story and the spoiler in the slides)

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