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Naagin Spoiler: A Drunk Shivanya Proposes Ritik; What Happens Next Will Disappoint You! (PICS)

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The makers of the top show of Colors' Naagin are leaving no stones unturned to make the show interesting. With Shivanya (Mouni Roy) getting hurt, it has to be seen, how her sister Sesha save Shivanya as she has only a few hours left.

In the previous episode, we saw how Ankush and Yamini get to know from Guru maa that the naagin is not dead. With her power, Guru maa also tries to hurt Shivanya. Bhairavnath seek Gurudev's help.


In the upcoming episodes, Ritik will perform the pooja with Shivanya. But a python swallows Shivanya, it has to be seen how Sesha tackles the situation.

Shivanya's Tandav

Shivanya will perform tandav to impress Shiv ji (God), to know where the naagmani is. Shivanya dances in such a way that her legs get hurt. She will also get a clue where the naagmani is.

Yamini Doubts Shivanya Is Naagin

Yamini doubts Shivanya and calls her a naagin. Ritik saves her by protecting her. Guru maa tries to trap naagin by playing been (pungi) music. Shivanya dances as well. It should be seen how she will escape from being caught.

Ritik & Shivanya

Ritik gets closer to Shivanya, who scolds him fearing that she will get distracted from her main goal. This irks Ritik, and he stops speaking to Shivanya.

Sesha Attracted Towards Ritik!

Also, Sesha will get attracted to Ritik. Sesha tries to create a misunderstanding between Shivanya and Ritik, as she doesn't want Shivanya to be trapped. Will this bring misunderstandings between the sisters?

Shivanya Proposes Ritik

Shivanya will accidentally drink bhang and in an inebriated state, she expresses her love towards Ritik. They get romantic, also she tells bad things about Sesha.

Sesha In Ritik's Place!

Unfortunately, Sesha would have taken Ritik's avatar and she would shout at Shivanya for loving a human and getting distracted from her aim!

After repeated requests the Gurudev tells Bhairavnath that only Shiv ji (God) can save Shivanya, and she has to perform the pooja with her husband Ritik (Arjun Bijlani) in Shiv temple. He also tells that she has only a few hours left and within that the pooja must be performed.

On the other hand, Ankush and Yamini get belpatra from Guru maa, who asks them to tie at the entry and exit of the house. Sesha senses Shivanya is in danger and tries to go out, but the belpatra stops her.

Also, Ritik senses that Shivanya is in danger, every time she gets into trouble, and Sesha is shocked with this. On Gurudev's advice, Shivyana tries to reach the temple, but will be attacked by a hawk.

Somehow, Shivanya manages to reach the temple. Sesha burns the belpatra at home so that she can help Shivanya. Bhairavnath reach Ritik's house and plays the been (pungi) to call Sesha. Bhairavnath even tells Sesha about the problem Shivanya is facing, and Gurudev's words. Sesha decides to take Ritik to the temple to save Shivanya.

Unfortunately, Ankush watches Sesha and Bhairavnath, and tries to kill him. Bhairavnath manages to escape, while Sesha takes Guru maa's avatar. She convinces Ritik and his family that Naagin will die only after Ritik perform a pooja in Shivji's temple. (Click on the slides to read the spoilers....)

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