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Naagin: Shivanya Attacks Shailesh; Tanvi To Die Instead?

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The latest plot of Colors TV's Naagin has kept the fans hooked to the show. The last episode started with Shesha, (Adaa Khan) being trapped by Guru Maa. Shivanya (Mouni Roy) plans to save Shesha.

Guru Maa's hawks bite and torture Shesha. Shivanya reaches the Shiv temple. Bhairavnath helps her and hands over Shivji's ash to her and says if she smears it on herself, she can enter Guru Maa's cave for half an hour.

Shivanya Saves Shesha From Guru Maa

Shivanya is finally successful in saving Shesha. Guru Maa is shocked seeing her hawks dead. Yamini doubts on Shivanya.


Shesha does not approve of Shivanya's feelings for Ritik. She feels love will divert Shivanya's mind and she will forget about her aim of seeking revenge on her parents' killers.

Kabir And Tanvi

Kabir and Tanvi's engagement will be announced soon. After this, Shivanya will play her next move, against Tanvi's dad, Shailesh and try to kill him.

Shesha Falls In Love

Kabir gets scared of lizard and tries to flirt with Sesha. Sesha who has been warning Shivanya not to fall in love with Ritik, might fall in love with Kabir. Shesha meets Kabir and falls in his love. Kabir is actually an enemy of the naagins. He will trap Shesha in his love and try to kill her.

Shivanya Attacks Shailesh

Shivanya and Shesha will attack Shailesh and make him remove the protective ring from his finger. Post this, Shivanya will try to claim Shailesh's life. Will Shailesh be killed?

Shailesh Saved; Tanvi To Die

Ankush arrives and saves Shailesh. Shailesh starts chanting Shivji's mantra and therfore the naagins can't bite him. Apparently, Tanvi will die. What happens next?

Shivanya knowingly gets bitten by a snake and asks Ritik (Arjun Bijlani) to take her to Guru Maa's cave. Guru Maa is about to kill Shesha when Ritik enters and begs her to save his wife's life. She goes to Ritik's car and checks on Shivanya. Ritik and Guru Maa go to the jungle to fetch some herb to cure Shivanya.

Shivanya sneaks out of the car and enters the cave in Guru Maa's disguise. She picks Shesha up. The hawks attack them but the naagins successfully kill them.

Guru Maa is shocked to see her hawks dead. She brings them back to libitfe. The hawks inform her that the other naagin saved Shesha.

Ankush and Yamini reach Guru Maa's caves hoping to see the naagin dead. Guru Maa tells them that the snake escaped. Yamini finds Shivanya's chain on the floor and is confused.

Back home, Shesha scolds Shivanya for thinking too much, about Ritik. Yamini confronts Shivanya about her chain and questions why she went to Guru Maa's cave.

Going ahead, we will see Kabir (Rajat Tokas) and Shesha romancing with each other. However, Kabir is an icchadhari nevla (mongoose) and will plan to trap and kill the naagins. Shivanya will try to save Shesha from Kabir's cunning tricks.

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