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Saath Nibhana Saathiya Spoiler: Ahem’s Lookalike’s ‘Damakedar’ Entry To Leave Gopi Shocked!

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The moment which the Saath Nibhana Saathiya audiences have been waiting for, is finally here! Mohammad Nazim is back on the show, not as Ahem, but as his lookalike! As we earlier reported in the spoiler, Mohammad will be making a grand entry on Krishna Janmastami.

In the previous episode, we saw Meera and the inspector rescuing Priyal from the kidnapper, who was none other than Nayya's boyfriend, who enters the house as a driver. Dharam will be shocked to know that their driver had plotted Priyal's kidnap.

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Gopi Tries To Escape

Gopi tries to escape from the mental hospital, but in vain. The ward boys chase her. They manage to tie her to the bed, in the hospital. Gopi will be helpless!


On the other hand, Kokila would have warned Pramila, who lies to her that Gopi and Dr Krishna are on a vacation. Kokila gets to know that Gopi is in trouble and promises to find her by hook or by crook.

Kokila Meets With An Accident

While searching for Gopi, Kokila meets with an accident. Apparently, the accident will also be caused by Dr Krishna's man, to divert her from finding Gopi!

Gopi In Trouble

In the upcoming episode, Kokila and Urmila get to know that Gopi is in the mental asylum. They try to meet her, but the hospital people don't let them in.

Urmila's Plan To Recue Gopi

Kokila and Urmila plan to rescue Gopi from the hospital. The duo, in their disguised avatars (nurses), meets Gopi. They manage to untie her. They also put a wig on Gopi, so that people don't recognise her.

Dr Krishna

They escape from the ward, but get caught as Dr Krishna finds them. Kokila and Urmila try to hide, but in vain. Gopi is again in trouble.

Dr Krishna Shouts At Security

Dr Krishna calls the security and shouts at them. Mansi too, reach the spot. None of them would have expected that Krishna would marry and torture Gopi, to take revenge on her.

Gopi Shocked!

During Krishna Janmastami, Gopi watches somebody and is shocked. Apparently, she will see Ahem's lookalike, who will be celebrating the festival, by playing Dahi handi.

Meet Ahem's Lookalike, Jaggi

According to the latest spoiler, Ahem's lookalike is Jaggi. Apparently, Ahem and Jaggi are brothers! Both are opposite in their characters - while Ahem was educated and a successful businessman, Jaggi will be uneducated and a ‘tapoi'!

Jaggi & His Mother

Jaagi's mother will be seen chasing and hitting him. She will be seen taking her son's case as he would have gone to watch ‘mujra'!

Kokila Follows Jaggi

Kokila follows Jaagi and reaches his home. According to reports, Jaggi's mother is Kokila's ‘sautan'! She enquires about Jaggi, who is a lookalike of Ahem!


Kokila shows Ahem's photo to Jaggi and narrates his story. She requests Jaggi to help her in rescuing Gopi, who is in trouble. She asks Jaggi to stay in the Modi house for some time.


Initially, Jaggi would reject, but later he demand a huge amount in exchange for his help. Kokila, who has no other way to save Gopi, accepts Jaggi's demand!

Meera, Dharam and Vidya are unaware that Nayya is also involved in Priyal's kidnap. Knowing about her boyfriend being arrest, Nayya promises to bail him out of the jail! It has to be seen what backup plan they have, to ruin Meera and Vidya!

Meanwhile, Gopi tries to escape from the Raheja house, but in vain, as Dr Krishna ties her to the chair. Kokila senses Gopi is in trouble and reaches Raheja house to meet Gopi.

Pramila tries to stop her, but Kokila searches the house. But by then, Mansi, Krishna and the nurse would leave the house from other door. They take her to the hospital.

As we reported in the spoiler, Mansi tortures Gopi by giving her an electric shock treatment! She wants to prove that Gopi is mentally unstable. Mansi is taking revenge on Gopi as the latter feels she was the reason for her struggle (Mansi was in mental hospital for one and half years as Ahem left her for Gopi, and she was in the state of shock). (Continued on slides)

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