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Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Gaura Threatens Vidya; Kokila’s Duplicate In Modi House!

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In Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Meera is back in Modi house. When Vidya narrates to her what had happened in Gaura's house and how her mother, Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) saved her, Meera apologises to Gopi.

Gaura's wicked plan of mixing a drug in Meera's drink and Dharam's sweets, backfires. As Dharam misbehaves with Meera, and Gopi comes to Gaura's home and saves Meera at the right time. She sends Dharam to jail saying, he misbehaved with his wife, Meera.

Kokila, Meera & Gopi

Kokila supports her best friend Gaura, and her son Dharam, who wants to destroy Modi family. She is going against her favourite bahu, Gopi!

What makes us doubt is, earlier, Kokila never refused to what Gopi said, but why is she now against Gopi?


Kokila supports Sona, which she has never done before. Spoilers suggest that it is not Kokila, but her duplicate. Kokila's duplicate will be seen supporting Gaura and Dharma, going against her own family!

Gaura Blackmails Durga

In the upcoming episode, Gaura will blackmail Dharam's first wife, Durga to give statements in favour of Dharam, which is the only way to release him from jail. Durga will be seen doing as Gaura says.

Gaura Threatens Vidya!

After this incident, Gaura would have started hating the Modi family, more. She will now start torturing Vidya, and indirectly threaten her. She scares Vidya and makes her leave the house.

Vidya & Shravan

Vidya decides to leave the house. Vidya's husband Shravan tries to warn Gaura on being rude to his wife Vidya, but in vain. So, he too decides to leave the house.

Shravan & Durga

Gaura, who doesn't want Shravan to leave the house, makes his mother fall from stairs. After this, both Vidya and Shravan decide not to leave the house!

With this incident, Meera learns a lesson in her life, and accepts Gopi as her mother. She even calls her, a best mother! Meera apologises to Gopi and the whole family, as she misunderstood them, and had always gone against them.

Meera also apologises to her father, Ahem (Mohammad Nazim), as she had once said that she doesn't require him anymore, in her life.

Meera hugs Gopi and calls her 'maa'. An elated Gopi, thinks Meera has changed for good and accepts her apology. But, the drama starts after Kokila enters the spot.

Kokila slaps Meera. She is totally against Meera, and supports Gaura and Dharam. Kokila reminds everyone about Meera's wrongdoings. She asks them not to forget, how Meera tortured the Modi family and tried to separate Ahem and Gopi; also reminds them how Meera even tried to kill her own mother.

Kokila doesn't believe Meera and thinks she is trying to trap Modi family, again. She gets to know that Meera tried to trap Dharam by pretending to love him, and separating him from his mother, Gaura.

When Gopi tries to take Meera's side, Kokila shouts at her favourite bahu! Ahem and other family members ask Kokila to accept Meera, but Kokila refuses to accept her. Ahem is now confused as to whom he should support - his wife or mother! (Click on the slides to read the spoiler)

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