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Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Meera Gets Arrested; Vidya In Critical Condition!

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In Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Meera and Vidya are facing problems because of Nayya and her boyfriend Prakash. Nayya is successful in creating a misunderstanding between the two sisters using Vidya and Shravan's daughter Priyal.

Nayya and her boyfriend Prakash kidnap Vidya's daughter Priyal and blackmail Meera and demand ransom. Meera hides the matter from her family, but Vidya, who is suspicious about Meera's weird behaviour, follows her to the kidnapper's den.

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Meera reveals the family members that she didn't shoot Vidya. But, since Meera has been plotting against Vidya, the family members doubt her!


The family members worry thinking about Vidya's enemy, while Nayya and Prakash try to hide themselves. The duo now fears that they would be caught.

Meera Arrested

Meera gets arrested. She was questioned by the police about Vidya's case. They force her to accept that she shot Vidya.

Meera Tries To Explain The Police

Meera resists and reveals to the police that she can never hurt her sister and it was somebody else who shot her. But she couldn't find them, as she was worried about Vidya's condition.

Gopi & Kokila

At the hospital, the doctor declares that she is out of danger. Gopi informs Shravan and Kokila about Vidya's recovery. Kokila is happy about Vidya's recovery, while she decides to speak regarding Gopi to Pramila, which upsets Gopi.

Will Gopi Find Out Who Shot Vidya?

It will be interesting to watch how Vidya will be rescued from the police station. Will the family members get to know the real culprits are Nayya and Prakash?

Meera reaches the place as per the kidnapper's instruction, but Vidya interrupts Meera! Vidya gets to know that Priyal is kidnapped and blames Meera for it. Meera tries to stop Vidya and even threatens her showing a gun.

As we reported in the spoiler, Nayya takes advantage of the situation and shoots Vidya. Meera struggles to save Vidya and rushes her to the hospital. She informs Dharam about Vidya being shot. Dharam asks her to calm down and gets everybody to the hospital.

At the hospital, Shravan, Dharam (Amar Upadhyay) and Kokila are shocked to know that Meera threatened Vidya with a gun. Although, Meera reveals the truth to the family members and the police, she gets arrested. The police torture her to accept that she shot her sister.

Meera tries to clarify that she didn't shoot her sister, but someone else did. She didn't notice as she was worried about Vidya and rushed her to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctor declares that Vidya's condition is critical. Shravan is worried, while Gopi tries to console him!

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