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Ghost Drama In Swaragini; Check Out Who Wants To Kill Swara!

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In Swaragini, Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar are all set to get married again. The family member start the rituals and there enters this wicked lady, Ragini's (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) maasi, Urvashi, who claims that her jiji (Jhanki) is not happy.

Urvashi starts to makes Sharmista and her daughter Swara's life hell. Urvashi also claims that her jiji (Ragini's mother) is not happy with Swara and Sanskar's marriage. And the mishaps that is happening during pre-marriage rituals are because of her Jhanki.


In the upcoming episode, Swara is shocked to find the garland on her mother's (Sharmista) photo. Upset Swara blasts Urvashi, claiming she is behind the scene.


Swara tells Urvashi that she is troubling Swara and Sharmista from the day she has entered their lives. Swara aslso asks Urvashi to leave the house!


Sharmista will be revealing about being haunted by Jhanki's ghost. Although Swara tries to convince her that it is just her imagination, Sumi fears and starts believing about Jhanki's ghost!


Kavita's face will be revealed and audience will know that Kavita and Urvashi are planning to kill Swara. Kavita wants to come back to Sanskar's life and this is the reason she tries to kill Swara.


Kavita will try to be innocent in front of everyone. She will try to gain Sanskar's sympathy and enter his life by killing Swara!


Sanskar knows that it is not ghost but some person is behind all these. He will try to find out, but will Sanskar save Swara? Or Will Swara die? Stay locked to this space to get latest updates of the show.

Urvashi makes everyone believe that late Jhanki speaks to her! We have all witnessed the weird incidents (bat's blood falls on Swara and the engagement ring goes missing) that happened during Swara and Sanskar's engagement ceremony.

When the Maheshwari and Gadodia families meet to fix the marriage dates, something unbelievable happens. Swara and Sanskar's kundli gets burnt shocking everyone.

Then there will also be someone who attacks Swara during Makar Sankrati festival. Swara will be injured, while Sanskar rescues her. While Swara and Sanskar go to picnic, someone tries to harm Swara as well.

Jhanki's eyes (in the photo) starts bleeding. With this, Urvashi claims Maheshwari family that her jiji is not happy and she is hurt with the happenings around. Swara tries to prove it scientifically, by showing her a chemical, but Ragini stops her by asking her not to insult her mother!

In previous episode as well, Sanskar finds the fake necklace missing. And when he and makes Swara wear the real necklace, Swara feels suffocated. Again Urvashi starts telling about her jiji's story.

On the other hand, Lakshya asks Ragini to sign on divorce papers of Swara and Sanskar. When Ragini refuses, Lakshya starts reminding her of love and makes her sign the papers! (Read the spoiler in the slides)

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