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Swaragini: WHAT! Namish Taneja Re-enters The Show As The Father Of A 6-Year-Old Girl!

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We had recently reported about Swaragini actor Namish Taneja's new look. Lakshya will be shown dead, and his look-alike Abhimanyu will be seen on the show.

Namish will be seen in a new avatar, apparently, he will re-enter the show as the father of a 6-year-old girl! He gets a matured look, with spectacles, trimmed beard and a new hairstyle! Read on...

Namish's Holiday

It has to be recalled that Namish was on a holiday. To make up for his absence, his character Lakshya was shown missing.

Rumours Of Namish Quitting The Show

There were also speculations that Namish is considering to quit the show as he was not happy with the way his character was shaping up! His twitter post also indicated the same.

Namish's Rocking & Shocking Re-entry

But, Namish's re-entry has put a rest to all the speculations. The actor is excited about his new look on the show. What's shocking is the news about his daughter.

Namish's New Look

Lakshya was quoted by an entertainment portal as saying, "I got a makeover as I will be seen as a father. So I will be looking a bit matured with spectacles, a new hairstyle and a trimmed beard."

Namish Excited About His Re-entry

He added, "I am quite excited about my re-entry on the showas as after dating Swara (Helly Shah), Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash) and Kavya (Roop Durgapal), I am getting another opportunity to date a new girl on the show. I cannot reveal the details about the upcoming track as of now."

Namish's Favourite Look

When asked which is his favourite - Lakshya or Abhimanyu's look, he says, "From the inception of Swaragini, the audiences have seen gradual changes in my character and look on the show. This new look is obviously refreshing. But to me, both new and old ones are close to my heart."

Namish Enjoyed Holiday

As we all know, Namish was on a holiday. When he was asked about what he did when he was not shooting, he was quoted as saying, "I enjoyed 'me time' by spending a lot of quality time with my family and friends. Recently, I went to Delhi to attend a wedding."


He further added, "I am a Delhite and visited my hometown after months, so I went to meet my school friends and enjoyed street food."

Here's Namish's New Look - Abhimanyu

Namish also shared his new look on social media. He wrote, "New look 😎 #abhimanyu #swaragini #namishtaneja." Now, we are confused - Isn't Abhimanyu more handsome and smarter than Lakshya? Well, this we will leave it for you to comment....

Story So Far...

In the previous episode, we saw that the dancer was the woman, who had Lakshya's mobile. Swara and Ragini interrogate the woman, and ask her about Lakshya. She then reveals the story and tells them that after the accident they had taken Lakshya to the hospital.

When they make a call to the hospital, they get to know that there is no patient by the name Lakshya. The woman assures them that she is telling the truth. Swara sends the woman, Nikhil and Ragini to the hospital.

Meanwhile, at Uttara's engagement, Gayatri is unhappy as the dancers were making them wait. Swara comes as a dancer and entertains them. Sanskar tries to stop Swara, but Sujatha stops him.

Swara gets insulted by Gayatri, as she tells her that she should be a dancer instead of a wedding planner. She also makes Swara wear the 'haar' made of currency (notes).

Swara reveals to Annapoorna and Durga Prasad that she had no other way as she had sent the dancer to the hospital with Ragini to enquire about Lakshya.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Ragini gets to know that Lakshya died a few days ago! She is shocked and hides the truth from Swara as she fears that if Swara gets to know the truth, she won't reunite with Sanskar!

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