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Swaragini: Who Wants To Stop Swara & Sanskar’s Marriage - Ragini, Kavita, Urvashi?

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Happy days are back in Swaragini as Lakshya has accepted his love Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar). Also, Sanskar is getting married to Swara (Helly Shah). But these happy moments are not going to stay forever as somebody doesn't want Swara and Sanskar to get married. Also, Lakshya will soon show his true colours to Ragini.

We saw how Maheshwari and Gadodia families were busy arranging for Swara and Sanskar's marriage. But every time Swara gets ready form an event, something inauspicious happens, and Urvashi starts taunting her.


Swara thinks that it was Ragini's work to burn the kundali. She barges into Ragini's room, but finds Lakshya and Ragini close.


Thinking that Ragini is behind the mishap, Swara scolds her. But Lakshya supports Ragini as he was with her, when the incident occurred. Sanskar and Swara return to the hall.

Sanskar Follows A Lady

Sanskar finds a lady rushing out, immediately after the incident and thinks it to be Kavita. He follows her and finds the lady going in a car. Although the lady looked like Kavita, it is not sure, if she is behind all these incidents, as Sanskar doesn't have evidences.

Sanskar Finds Flowers

Sanskar takes Swara to a movie. He finds Kavita's favourite flowers in his car and suspects her again. He also finds Kavita with her friend going to the same theatre and scolds Kavita. But Kavita denies, as she tells Sanskar that she has forgotten him!

Suspect 1: Ragini

Here are our predictions: Since she doesn't like Swara and is unhappy with her success. She believes her as a threat. Also, since she had committed lot of mistakes, hurting Swara, we doubt Ragini.

Suspect 2: Kavita

Kavita loved Sanskar immensely and it is not easy for anybody to forget the first love or sacrifice it so easily. For Example, Ragini - she didn't forget her first love Lakshya, and till now what she has been doing is all wrong to get Lakshya. The same thing can repeat with Kavita as well!

Suspect 3: Dadi

Since Dadi has always been taking Ragini's side, and now that her husband is not accepting her, she may take revenge on Sumi by punishing Sumi's daughter!

Suspect 4: Urvashi

Urvashi was close to Ragini's mother (who is dead), and obviously she will take Ragini's side. Urvashi enters Gadodia house, telling Jhanki's soul is not happy because of some reason. Urvashi also blames Sumi for her jiji's death! She believes Ragini will not be happy (and hence her mother), if Swara goes to Maheshwari house.

Suspect 5: Ragini’s Mother

May be Ragini's mother is still alive, and she is doing all these, to take revenge on Sumi, who is second (or first) wife of (her husband) Shekar! She may want to diturb Sumi's peace by punishing her daughter Swara!

Suspect 6: Lakshya

The possibility of Lakshya doing all these is least, as he won't try to kill Swara, yet anything can happen in serials. Why we suspect Lakshya is again because of love. He loved Swara and because of Ragini, Swara got separated from him. In the upcoming episodes, he will ditch Ragini, as well. If he loves Swara, he will definitely not allow her to get married to Sanskar.

Previously, when Swara and Sanskar were getting engaged, there were mishaps (a bat's blood drops on Swara and the ring goes missing) that made the family halt the ceremony for a while. But later, Swara and Sanskar get engaged. Swara doubts on Urvashi and Ragini as they looked suspicious.

In the previous episode too, when Swara and Sumi were ready to go to the Maheshwari house, Urvashi stops Sumi by showing her some mark on her sari and calling it inauspicious. But, since Swara and others don't believe in superstitious, they move on.

Urvashi doesn't stop here, as she comes to the Maheshwari house with Sumi and Shekar. Urvashi expects the pandit to give bad news, as he tells that he hasn't seen such kundalis.

But, the pandit announces that Swara and Sanskar's kundali matches perfectly and they can go ahead with the marriage. Just when the pandit was going to announce the dates of marriage, they see the kundali burning. The families are shocked with this mishap.

They wonder how the kundali get burnt even though, there was no lamp near the kundali. Again Urvashi starts her drama and says it as her jiji's indication to stop the marriage. Since the kundali matched perfectly, Durga Prasad goes ahead with the marriage announcement. (Click on the slides to read more)

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