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Swaragini: Ragini Attempts Suicide; Lakshya & Kavya Enjoy; Shekar To Separate Swara & Sanskar!(PICS)

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In Swaragini, finally Swara (Helly Shah) has been proved innocent, and the guilty Kavita and Kaveri were arrested. Just when Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) and Swara thought everything will be fine in their lives now, another twist in their story arrives in the form of Lakhya's ex-girlfriend Kavya!

It is a known fact that Lakshya is hell-bent on taking revenge on Ragini. He feels Ragini ruined his life as well as his family's. Although Ragini has changed for good, Lakshya doesn't change his plan.

Swara & Ragini

Police agrees to the laywer's request but tells them that a constable will stay with Swara. Ragini supports Swara and tells the police that they can do their duty, but won't let Swara go with them.


Sanskar reveals the family about how Kavita blackmailed Sanskar to marry him to prove Swara innocent. Swara thanks Ragini for helping her and supporting her in the difficult times.


On the other hand, Lakshya calls Kavya, but Ragini interferes. Ragini is happy that all is well now, but what she doesn't know is Lakshya will not be marrying her.

Lakshya's GF, Kavya

Kavya enters Maheshwari house and gets ready, wearing the bridal wear. Kavya takes Ragini's place, when the latter will be gettin Swara ready for the wedding.

Kavita & Kaveri

Meanwhile, police tells how Kavita and Kaveri committed the crime. He also tells that Swara is innocent and free now. The family members are happy with the news and welcome Swara back home.


Durga Prasad asks the pandit to restart the rituals, while Lakshya asks Ragini to get Swara ready for the marriage.

Ragini Hurt

In the upcoming episode, Kavya hits Ragini and takes her place in the mantap. Ragini will be shocked to see Lakshya getting married to another girl (Kavya). Ragini attempts to commit suicide, by hanging.

Ragini In Critical Condition

Swara rescues Ragini on time. But the doctor gives up seeing Ragini's condition. Swara cries and asks Ragini not to leave her alone. Finally, a miracle happen, and Ragini regains consciousness.

Lakshya Responsible For Ragini's Condition

Shekar slaps Lakshya for playing with his daughter's life, while Lakshya slaps him back. Lakshya will also be seen celebrating with Kavya by drinking alcohol with her! Well, isn't that too much to handle!

Shekar, Swara & Sanskar

Shekar is upset with Maheshwari family as he feels that their daughters are facing trouble because of them. According to the latest spoiler, he will separate Swara and Sanskar! He takes Swara back to his house!

In the previous episode, Lakshya and Ragini, Sanskar and Kavita were seen taking pheras. Lakshya seemed lost and tensed. It looked like he was waiting for somebody to arrive and stop the marriage. When Ragini doubts Lakshya and asks him, Lakshya tried to look normal. He even gets up from the mantap to call somebody, but the pandit stops him.

Just then Swara arrives and stops the marriage. Along with Swara, police reach the place to arrest her. Police tells the family that Swara has broken the law for which she may have to face a tough trial.

But, the Durga Prasad requests police to hear Swara's statement, as she wanted to prove herself innocent. Swara identifies Kaveri in the crowd and reveal that she is the one who killed Urvashi maasi.

Swara also asks the police to test the blood samples. Also, Sanskar recalls Kavita's dupatta getting stuck to the pot, and a pendrive attached to the dupatta. He shows the police, the video which shows how Swara was trapped in the murder case.

But then again, the police tells her that still she is not proved innocent and the court has announced her as guilty, so she will have to go with them. Swara's lawyer comes to the place and tells Swara is innocent and they will complete the formalities. (Read the story and the spoiler in the slides)

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