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Swaragini: Shocking Twist! Ragini’s Blackmailer Revealed; Swara To Help Ragini!

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In Swaragini, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) is being blackmailed by a person. We are sure, you must be thinking that it is Parineeta or her mother, but you will be shocked to know that there is more to this story! Read on to know more...

It has to be recalled that Swara and Ragini are trying hard to get Sharmista's baby. Swara gets to know that Dadi made a deal with the nurse, who hid the baby. But now, the baby has been kidnapped and Ragini has been getting the blackmailer's calls, and Swara is unaware of this.

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Sanskar fumes at the people, who point their fingers at Swara. The family members support Swara, and she too, gives the right answers to the people!


In the upcoming episode, during Janmastami celebrations, Swara gets to know the real reason behind Ragini's strange behaviour. She gets to know that somebody is blackmailing Ragini and persuading her to do the wrong acts!

Ragini In Trouble

She also gets to know that Ragini is doing all these, to get her brother (Sharmista's missing newborn baby that was hidden by Dadi and nurse). It is then Swara decides to help Ragini.

Who Is The Blackmailer?

Well, still guessing who is blackmailing Ragini? It is none other than Parineeta's husband Adarsh. Yes, Adarsh would have joined hands with Parineeta and the duo is planning to get the Maheshwari property!

Adarsh Join Hands With Parineeta

In the upcoming episodes, Adarsh will take a dangerous step to get quick access to the Maheshwari property! He will fix bomb to the cradle, which has Sharmista's baby!

Adarsh's Demands

According to the latest spoiler, Adarsh demands Durga Prasad's signature on a blank bond paper. If his demand is not fulfilled, he threatens to kill the baby! The sisters then join hands to expose Adarsh!

Swara & Ragini Join Hands!

It will be interesting to watch how Swara finds out about Ragini's dilemma and how the sisters join hands to expose Adarsh as well as solve the mystery of Parineeta's disappearance!

Somebody is threatening Ragini and tarnishing the Maheshwari family's reputation. He or she is also trying to ruin Swara's reputation as well. Since Ragini is being watched very closely, it has to be concluded that it is somebody from the Maheswari family itself. But who is this and what does he/she want?

Swara gets to know that Ragini is in trouble and decides to find out what is bothering her. She also decides to help Ragini!

In the previous episode, we saw how Ragini mixes a drug in the kheer that Swara prepared and that puts the family members into deep sleep. She then takes the printouts of the pictures of Swara and throws it out as per the blackmailer's order.

The family members will be shocked to see the pictures of Swara snapped with Lakshya, Sahil and Sanskar published in the newspapers. Media personnel also start questioning Swara and the family members asking how Swara managed to trap both the sons!

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