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Swaragini Spoiler: 3 Back To Back Twists To Change Swara-Sanskar & Lakshya-Ragini’s Lives - PICS

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The makers of Swaragini are all set to introduce three back to back twists in Swaragini. These twists will change Swara-Sanskar and Lakshya-Ragini's (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) lives forever! Read on to know the twists...

In previous episodes, we saw how Swara has been fighting her feelings towards Sanskar, after the entry of Sanskar's ex-lover Kavita. While Sanskar finds it difficult to confess his love for Swara in front of Kavita, Swara suggests Sanskar to think about Kavita and make a decision.


Lakshya asks Sanskar to rethink about his decision of marrying Kavita as he knows that Sanskar loves Swara. But Sanskar is adamant on his decision as he thinks he can start loving Kavita again, after marriage. Lakshya gives Sanskar the shirt, that Swara gave him.

Swara Upset

Kavita and Sanskar get ready for the engagement ceremony. Before the commencement of the ceremony, Sanskar and Kavita will take the blessings from elders. Seeing the couple together, Swara gets hurt and runs out.

Sanskar Sings

Before the event starts, Kavita asks Sanskar to sing a song that she likes, but instead of singing Kavita's favourite song, he will sing the song that Swara likes.

Swara Hugs Sanskar; Kavita Shocked!

Swara gets emotional hearing Sanskar singing for her and runs towards him. She hugs Sanskar in front of everybody that leaves Kavita shocked.

Kavita To Leave Sanskar For Swara

After knowing that Swara and Sanskar love each other, Kavita promises them that she won't return in their lives again. It is a happy ending for Swara and Sanskar.

Swara-Sanskar Remarriage

The first twist is.... Sanskar will be seen taking Swara's proposal to Gadodia family, while Sumi and Shekar will be happily accepting it. According to the recent promo, Swara and Sanskar will get married, while Lakshya and Ragini are glad to participate in their wedding ceremony.

Lakshya Saves Ragini

Lakshya will be seen saving Ragini from fire, as the latter's sari catches fire. Post this incident, Lakshya and Ragini share a romantic moment.

Lakshya Ditches Ragini!

But wait, here is the second twist... Lakshya is faking his love for Ragini, as he wants to get Maheshawari property back from Ragini. Lakshya will make Ragini sign on the papers, who happily signs.


But, after the signature, Lakshya pushes Ragini away, and Swara will come to Ragini's rescue. What will happen to Ragini and Lakshya's relationship now? Will Swara reunite them?

Who Dies - Kavita Or Ragini?

Along with this drama, Swara and Sanskar will have the shock of their life, as someone dear to them, will be leaving this world - the third twist! Yes, someone in the show will die. Who is it? Is it Kavita, who lost her love for Swara; or Ragini, whom Lakshya ditched?

Kaveri used her daughter Kavita to blackmail Durga Prasad, and she was sent to jail. Kavita hates her mother and doesn't have anybody in her life except Sanskar. So, Swara asks him to think before making any decision.

On the other hand, Ragini's behaviour changes after Lakshya saves her life. She also thinks that Lakshya is falling in love with her. She asks Lakshya to participate in her mother's pooja, to which Lakshya readily agrees.

Although Ragini has changed for good, her behaviour towards Swara hasn't changed; she still behaves rudely with her. Instead of supporting Swara for her sacrifice, Ragini hurts Swara by reminding her about the past.

Swaragini: Swara Hugs Sanskar In His Engagement Ceremony; Lakshya-Ragini Come Closer - PICS

Ragini reminds Swara, like how she separated her from Lakshya, God is punishing her, by separating her from Sanskar. Ragini leaves Dadi in the baadi; while Dadaji, doesn't want to stay with her because of her wrongdoings in Maheswari house.

At home, Sanskar will be asked by Kavita to wear a sherwani for the engagement ceremony, who hesitates, as his likes have changed now. Kavita also asks to change the photo frame that is broken in the cupboard; Sanskar refuses to do it, as it was given by Swara.

Sanskar also dreams of confessing his love for Swara in front of Kavita, who meets with an accident. Finally, he decides not to tell the same and go on with the decision her made. (click on the slides to read the remaining story and the spoilers)

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