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Swaragini Spoiler: Durga Prasad Suffers Heart Attack;Swara & Ragini Fight For The Maheshwari Family!

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In Swaragini, the audiences witnessed a major drama. The Maheshwari family members were thrown out of the house by Adarsh and Parineeta. It has to be recalled that Adarsh was blackmailing Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar). After Swara (Helly Shah) got to know about Adarsh, both the sisters joined hands and exposed Adarsh and Parineeta.

Although, Swara and Ragini saved their brother Chotu (Sumi's son) from the couple, they lose the Maheshwari property to them! After which, Adarsh insults his own family members, and throws them out of the house.

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Durga Prasad Suffers A Heart Attack

The media shows how the Maheshwari family members were treated by Adarsh, and watching all these on television, Durga Prasad suffers a heart attack!

Swara & Ragini

The family members are worried about Durga Prasad's health. Durga Prasad's sons Sanskar and Lakshya, as well as Swara and Ragini, try all possible ways to save him.

Lakshya & Sanskar

Lakshya and Sanskar try and seek Adarsh's help, thinking he would pity their condition and give them money for Durga Prasad's treatment. But both Lakshya and Sanskar end up fighting with him!

Swara, Ragini & Sumi

Swara and Ragini are worried about their father-in-law's treatment as they lack money. Sharmista supports them, and decides to sell her traditional ornaments for Durga Prasad's treatment.

Parineeta's Torture

But, Parineeta make their lives a hell, as she will create a hurdle in Durga Prasad's treatment! She makes sure that Durga Prasad is not treated well in the hospital!

Pari Has DP's Medicines

Parineeta buys all the medicines from the clinics, that are needed to treat Durga Prasad. She makes Swara and Ragini beg for the medicine.

Parineeta's Condition

She also puts forth a condition that both Swara and Ragini have to fall at her feet seeking forgiveness and only then she would give the medicine. She will have only four injections, and breaks one of them!

Swara & Ragini Get The Medicine

Swara tries to snatch the medicine from Parineeta. Ragini gets the medicine, while Swara and Parineeta fight. Ragini pushes Parineeta down. Both the sisters later run with the medicine, to save Durga Prasad.

Swara & Ragini To Teach Dadi A Lesson

Also, the sisters will be teaching their Dadi, a lesson. Dadi hates fish, and both the sisters watch the ‘tamasha' by keeping fishes in a bowl, in front of the door. Dadi almost keeps her leg on the bowl, and shouts for help, seeing fishes!

On the other hand, Shekar and Sharmista are happy as they got their baby back! Shekar gets to know that his mother (Parvati) was the reason that Chotu went missing, and the baby was later kidnapped by Parineeta and Adarsh. Shekar throws his mother out of the house.

The Gadodia family gives shelter to the homeless Maheshwari family members. Dadi couldn't tolerate this, and joins hands with Adarsh and Parineeta to take revenge on Durga Prasad.

Dadi feels her family (Ragini) suffered a lot because of the Maheshwari family and Sharmista, and she decides to take revenge on them. She gets the women organisation authorities as well as the police to the house, and blame Shekar for insulting her and throwing her out of the house.

With no other way left, Shekar, with the Maheshwari family members, leaves the house. They stay at Dida's place.

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Like this was not enough for the Maheshwari family, Adarsh gives them a big shock, by approaching the media and making the family matter public. He declares to the media, that he is the owner of the Maheshwari property. (Continued On Slides)

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