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Swaragini Spoiler: Finally Lakshya & Ragini Reunite; Thanks To Annapoorna! (PICS)

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In Swaragini, everybody in the Maheshwari house are trying to prove that Abhimanyu is Lakshya (Namish Taneja). But, none of them are able to prove it because of Mansi and Nikhil's game! Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) attempts suicide to bring out Lakshya's truth, but in vain!

Apparently, Mansi and Nikhil would have plotted against Lakshya. It is yet to be shown why they are using Lakshya as a bait and why they are targeting the Maheshwari house! Check out the latest update and spoilers with pictures...

The Car Agent

Swara reveals how the car agent was asked by a person to call Sanskar and informs about Lakshya's car. The car agent also reveals that he was asked to fake a story about Lakshya.

Swara Reveals How The Doctor Might Have Got Confused!

The doctor who treated Lakshya confirms Lakshya's death. But Swara reveals a story behind it. She tells that the doctor concluded seeing the ID in the wallet that the patient was Lakshya as the patient's face was covered by bandage.


Swara even questions Mansi's daughter Mishika. Swara asks Mishika, when did she first see her father first. Mansi interferes, while Mishika tells the truth that she saw her father after 6 months.


Lakshya again fakes a story, while Swara, Sanskar and Ragini decide to prove Abhimanyu as Lakshya. We are wondering, why is Laskhya taking Mansi's side?

Annapoorna Falls Sick!

In the upcoming episode, Lakshya's mother Annapoorna falls seriously sick. Lakshya gets the news and rushes to the Maheshwari house.

Sanskar Stops Lakshya

Sanskar stops him saying an unknown person (Abhimanyu) is not allowed to see Annapoorna. Sanskar and Lakshya get into an argument.

Abhimanyu Is Lakshya

Finally, Abhimanyu accepts that he is Lakshya. He sits near Annapoorna and apologises to her, while Sanskar and Ragini look on. It has to be seen, whether it was Sanskar, Swara and Ragini's plan or is Annapoorna really ill!

Lakshya & Ragini Reunite

Finally, Ragini and Lakshya reunite. Lakshya apologises to Ragini, who readily accepts her husband. But, there will be a huge drama before the couple reunite! Stay locked to this space for the latest updates...

In the previous episode, we saw how Sanskar and Swara get to know about Nikhil. They try to confront him, but Nikhil holds Swara and threatens Sanskar that he will push her in the water.

But Swara kicks Nikhil, who falls off in the river. The police are yet to find Nikhil. Swara and Ragini are shocked as to why Nikhil (who is Swara's childhood friend) betrayed them!

Sanskar and Durga Prasad enter Abhimanyu's house with evidences. They show Lakshya's ID cards to prove Abhimanyu is Lakshya, while Abhimanyu shows his ID cards.

The police confirm Abhimanyu's IDs are not fake. Annapoorna is stunned with Lakshya's behaviour and cries, while Lakshya requests her not to cry (as he can't see his mother cry, but cover up the story)!

Meanwhile, Ragini asks Abhimanyu to show the birthmark. She tells that Lakshya had a birthmark on his hand. Although Mansi lashes out at Ragini, Abhimanyu shows the birthmark, but again he lies to her saying it was an accident scar.

Ragini asks Abhimanyu to swear on her and tell that he is not Lakshya. Just when Lakshya will be about to lie, Swara interferes!

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