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Swaragini Spoiler: Namish Taneja To Re-enter The Show Not As Lakshya, But As Abhimanyu! (PICS)

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Swaragini fans can rejoice as their favourite actor Namish Taneja will be back on the show. It has to be recalled that there were rumours that Namish had quit the show as he is not happy with the way her character was shaping up.

His tweet, "If u don't like whr u r,whr u r not satisfied,whr ur talent,love & care r not utilized properly.MOVE! You're not a tree.#MorningMotivation," was like an indication for his fans that he would quit the show. But now the actor has come out in open and said that he is not quitting the show. Check Out The Latest Spoilers With Pictures...

Namish Not Quitting Swaragini

Namish was quoted by an entertainment website as saying, "For me Swaragini is my priority and I have not quit the show." Well, we are happy that Namish hadn't quit the show. What say guys?

Lakshya's Doppelganger!

According to the latest report, Namish will be seen in a new avatar. A source was quoted by the entertainment website as saying "Lakshya will be shown dead and the actor will enter as a new character Abhimanyu, who would be Lakshya's doppelganger."

Has Lakshya Changed His Identity?

The source further added that it is not clear, whether Lakshya would be actually dead or is hiding his real identity. Well, we have to wait and watch the show to get the answer.

Gayatri Insults Swara

Meanwhile on the show, Swara and Ragini are seen attending Uttara's marriage. Uttara's mother-in-law would insult Swara as she is a Bengali!

Gayatri Asks Swara To Dance!

She would ask Swara to dance in the function as the dancers do not arrive at the venue on time. Swara would be hurt with Uttara's mother-in-law's statement, but she would remain silent for Uttara.

Sanskar Too Upsets Swara

On the other hand, Sanskar, who was jealous seeing Swara with her childhood friend Nikhil, would also upset Swara.

Swara Dance

Swara dances at the function. Sanskar will be shocked as well as hurt seeing Swara dance. Also, Sanskar's mother Sujatha will be shocked seeing Swara dance.

Gayatri Again Insults Swara

To add more salt to the injury, Uttara's to-be mother-in-law will insult Swara in front of everybody, by putting a haar (made of currency-notes). This shocks everybody at the function!

Swara With The Girl

Swara and Ragini would catch the girl at Uttara's marriage ceremony and asks her about Lakshya. The girl reveals that she is innocent and she had just found Lakshya's mobile and doesn't know where he is now!

Lakshya's Accident

According to the latest spoiler, Lakshya is shown missing. He will be injured by a person, who steals his car. Lakshya will be shown lying near bushes, near the highway.

Ragini Worried

The girl finds Lakshya's mobile and tries to help him. But, he will be hit by a car. She also informs Swara and Ragini that Lakshya was taken to the hospital.

In the previous episode, we saw how Sanskar insults Swara. Apparently, he is hurt seeing Swara and her childhood friend Nikhil. He would also overhear Swara and Nikhil's conversation, where Nikhil reveals how much he loves Swara.

Since Swara knows Nikhil, she ignores his words, but Sanskar takes it seriously. He insults Swara and gives her permission to start a new relationship. He also reveals that he will happily arrange for Swara and Nikhil's marriage.

Swara, who still loves Sanskar, gets hurt. She reveals the same to Ragini, who insists her to clarify Sanskar's doubt. But, Swara refuses to. She tells Ragini that they have to concentrate on Uttara's marriage and nothing else now!

Meanwhile, Ragini and Nikhil would follow a girl, who had Lakshya's phone. Just when they were about to catch her, a car comes in between and they miss to find the girl.

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