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Swaragini Spoiler: Ragini Slaps Swara; Has Ragini Turned Negative Again? (PICS)

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In Swaragini, Parineeta has been blackmailing Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar), as the former wants to get back to the Maheshwari house. Parineeta has a video that features Ragini, watching which the latter gets shocked.

It has to be recalled that Parineeta was thrown out of the house, as Swara reveals that Pari helped Rajat, who kidnapped Swara. Adarsh decides to divorce Parineeta, who believes that Swara and Ragini are responsible for her present condition. Pari decides to take revenge on both the sisters.

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Parineeta's Mother Seek Swara's Help

Parineeta's mother gets her daughter's purse and seeks Swara's help. She asks Swara to help her find Parineeta, as she thinks her daughter is in danger.

Ragini Shocked

Ragini is shocked as she gets the photographs of Parineeta falling into the river and Ragini watching it. She is now scared that if the family members get to know about this, they would blame her.


Ragini gets to know that Parineeta's mother has asked Swara to help her find Pari. Swara starts investigating, and asks Ragini about Parineeta, as Ragini also had been to the same temple.

Uttara Ties Rakhi

Uttara ties rakhi to her brothers - Sanskar, Lakshya and Adarsh. Everybody at the house will be happy. Swara gives sweets to Ragini, but the latter shocks everybody!

Ragini Slaps Swara

Ragini slaps Swara in front of the family members. She starts shouting at the family members saying that she is not wrong always. She lashes out at Swara and tells the family members that she is annoyed at being compared to Swara always.

Ragini's Strange Behaviour

Ragini hits herself and behaves strangely. Lakshya is shocked with Ragini's behaviour as he knows how much Ragini loves Swara. Sanskar and other family members are too, shocked with Ragini's strange behaviour.

Has Ragini Turned Negative?

Apparently, Ragini has not turned negative. This is all done by the blackmailer. Well, whether the blackmailer is Parineeta or her mother or both - it is yet to be known.

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In the previous episode, we saw Parineeta falling into a river, near the temple. Ragini would also be present there. She tries to call for help but in vain as Parineeta gets drowned. Ragini doesn't inform this to anybody at home.

In the upcoming episode, Parineeta's mother would visit the Maheshwari house and warn the family members as she gets to know that they do not know about Parineeta's whereabouts. Ragini gets uncomfortable, while the other members are shocked.

Parineeta's mother gets her daughter's purse near the temple, while Ragini gets the photos of her snapped with Parineeta, during the incident. Ragini is shocked. Also, Swara asks Ragini about Parineeta as Ragini too would have gone to the same temple!

Watch: Ragini Turns Negative Again In Swaragini

During Raksha Bandan, when Uttara was tying rakhi to her brothers, Ragini shocks everybody by slapping Swara! Ragini also shocks everybody as she behaves strangely. She hits herself and tells that she is not wrong and asks her family members not to compare her with Swara!

Is this Parineeta and her mother's plan to separate the sisters?

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