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Swaragini Spoiler: Ragini & Swara Join Hands To Trap Adarsh!

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    In our earlier spoiler of the show Swaragini, we revealed that it was Adarsh, who has been blackmailing Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar). Adarsh tells the two sisters that he is taking revenge on them for his wife Parineeta's death. Well, it has to be seen, whether Adarsh has misunderstood that Ragini killed Parineeta or whether he is faking his wife's death!

    In the previous episode, we saw how Ragini and Swara get to know that Adarsh is blackmailing Parineeta. They also get to know that he has placed hidden cameras in the house, so that he can keep an eye on Ragini.

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    A Man In Black Jacket

    A man in black jacket tries to steal the property papers from the house. Ragini catches him red-handed. She makes him fall so that she can find who the person is.

    Ragini & Swara Shocked

    Ragini and Swara are shocked to see that the person is none other than Adarsh. They ask him the reason for the blackmailing, but Adarsh refuses to reply!

    Adarsh's Revenge

    Ragini reminds him about his responsibilities and that the family members love for him. Later, Adarsh reveals that he is taking revenge for his wife's death.

    Adarsh Warns Ragini & Swara

    When Swara and Ragini warn him that they would reveal his truth to the family members, Adarsh, in turn, warn them. He tells them that if they reveal his secret, then he will kill their brother!

    Annapoorna & Sujatha

    Somehow Swara manages to get Adarsh's jacket in which Adarsh had hidden the papers. He lies to the family members that he had been to the meeting and came home then!

    Adarsh Wants The Maheshwari Property!

    Adarsh tells that he will not keep an eye on them from now on, but asks Swara and Ragini to get Durga Prasad's signatures on the property papers else he will kill chotu.

    Ragini Gets The Signatures

    Ragini gets Durga Prasad's signatures on the papers and is sad, while Adarsh is happy. Ragini tells Swara that she is worried that the property would pass to Adarsh's hands if he submits the papers in the court.

    Swara's Trick

    Swara reveals to Ragini that she has tricked Adarsh and the signature will vanish within 24 hours. Magical ink!! Ragini is now worried as to how will they find their brother in the limited time.

    Adarsh's Dangerous Move!

    In the upcoming episodes, during the janmastami celebrations, Adarsh will be seen getting a woman to the house with the baby, who is Swara and Ragini's brother. But the sister will get the shock of their life when they get to know that a bomb has been tied to the baby.

    Will Swara Save Her Brother?

    How will Swara and Ragini save their brother? Will Adarsh's reality come out? Is Parineeta alive? Stay locked to this space for the latest updates of the show...

    Now that Swara knows about Adarsh's truth, both the sisters try to bring his reality to the front as well as save their brother chotu!
    But, it is not so easy for Swara and Ragini, as they won't be able to plan anything in the house because Adarsh is keeping an eye on them. Moreover, he blackmails both the sisters to get Durga Prasad's signatures on the property papers.

    With no other way left, Ragini tricks Durga Prasad and gets his signatures on the property papers. Adarsh is happy, but Swara would have tricked him!

    Apparently, the signatures vanish after 24 hours, because of the special ink. Ragini is shocked to know about this. She is also worried on, how will they find their brother in such a limited time!

    In the upcoming episodes, Adarsh brings a woman to the house who has the baby. Swara and Ragini will be shocked, as a bomb would be attached to the baby, and as soon as they touch the baby, they feel the electric shock!

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