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Swaragini: Swara Faces Trouble From Kavita & Urvashi; Kavita Blackmails Sanskar

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In Swaragini, we saw Swara (Helly Shah) exposing Urvashi. Kavita will remain safe, as Urvashi doesn't reveal about Kavita's secrets. Urvashi will be insulted and sent out of the Maheshwari house. Before leaving, Urvashi threatens Swara and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar), that she will not spare both of them.

Since Urvashi's partner in crime, Kavita, is still at the Maheshwari house, she will put Swara into trouble. Swara will be seen facing punishment for the crime that she has not even committed.


Urvashi calls Swara and informs her that Kavita is planning something big that night. She also tells that she is staying in the hotel and gives her the number.


Swara doesn't believe Urvashi, but seeing Kavita going out, she doubts on her. Swara tries to call Sanskar, but he doesn't answer the call.


Urvashi shouts and asks Swara to save her. Swara gets tensed, while Ragini asks her why she is looking worried. It has to be seen, if Swara takes Ragini's help to check on Urvashi and Kavita; or ignores Urvashi's call.

Sangeet Ceremony

In the latest promo, Swara & Sanskar, and Ragini & Lakshya will be seen enjoying at their Sangeet ceremony. The family members are also glad seeing both the couples happy.

Kavita Stabs Urvashi

The promo shows, Kavita going to the hotel, where Urvashi stays. She wears gloves and stabs Urvashi, who looks unconscious. Is Urvashi really dead? Or is this too, Kavita and Urvashi's plan to disturb Swara and her family?

Police Arrest Swara

The police interrupt the Sangeet ceremony and arrest Swara. While Sanskar and the whole family are left in shock, Kavita will be seen smiling. Now that Sanskar and Ragini know Kavita's truth, will they be able to expose her?

Swara In Jail

According to the latest spoiler, Swara will be worried in the jail. Sanskar and Ragini meet Swara, and assure her that they will release her soon. But shockingly, Swara will be sentenced to life imprisonment!

Kavita Blackmails Sanskar

The promo also shows, Kavita blackmailing Sanskar. She asks Sanskar to marry her, if he wants to save Swara. The spoilers also suggest that Sanskar accepts Kavita's proposal! How will Kavita save Swara? What will Swara do, if Sanskar marries Kavita?

In the previous episode, we saw how Swara and Ragini help each other to get ready for their Sangeet ceremony. The sisters are reunited, as Ragini realises her mistakes. Ragini tells Swara that she is happy that their sad moments are over, now.

When Ragini opines that Kavita is a good person, Swara expresses her doubt on Kavita. Swara asks Ragini to keep an eye on her.

Kavita commits a mistake by asking Swara, if her hands are still hurt as she was injured because of an electric shock. Kavita repents asking Swara about the incident as she thinks Swara would suspect her now.

It has to be recalled that Swara was hit by someone, and she wasn't aware that it was Kavita. And during that time, Swara would have suffered an electric shock. With this, Swara confirms that Kavita was helping Urvashi.

Swara informs the same to Annapoorna and Sanskar. She also apologises to Sanskar, as he was right in suspecting Kavita.

Annapoorna asks Swara to get ready for the Sangeet, while Sanskar feels concerned about Swara. He asks Swara to intimate him before she plans to do something, as he feels she may get into trouble. On the other hand, Kavita feels relaxed as Swara behaves normally, and thinks Swara doesn't suspect her. (Click on the slides to read the spoiler)

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