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Swaragini: Oh No! Swara Gets Arrested; Ragini-Sanskar Join Hands To Bail Swara Out - PICS

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The major twist of the show Swaragini has been revealed. The latest promo showed, Kavita and Urvashi joining hands to separate Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar, who are all set to get married. Also, in the promo, we saw that SwaSan will be upset with somebody's death before their marriage!

The person who dies on the show is Urvashi. Shocked? So we are! Read on to know what happens in the show.

Kavita Hits Swara

In the upcoming episodes, Swara will be seen communicating with Kavita, who will try try to get the secret plan out of Swara. Kavita will hit on Swara's head with a stick.


When Swara tries to see who hit her, Kavita pushes her down. Swara gets unconscious. Kavita drags Swara and hides her in the cupboard. She now feels safe, as Swara is unconscious and she can't expose Urvashi now.


Kavita is unaware that Ragini is helping her, in exposing Urvashi. In the upcoming episode, Ragini will wear her mother's (Jhanki) mask and fool Urvashi. Seeing her jiji in front of her, Urvashi will be shocked and will blurt out that she is doing all this to bring peace to her soul!


Sumi slaps Urvashi and kicks her out of the house. Ragini will be upset with her maasi. Before leaving, Urvashi threatens Swara and Ragini that they are not doing the right thing by insulting her.


Sanskar protects Swara and asks Urvashi to speak to him. He tells Urvashi that he will not let anyone hurt Swara. But, as we said it was not Urvashi, but Kavita behind the mask drama.

Urvashi Dies

According to the latest spoiler, Urvashi dies and the blame goes to Swara. She will be arrested which will leave the Maheswari and Gadodia families in shock.


Sanskar comes to meet Swara in jail. He promises Swara that he will bail her out, while Ragini brings food for Swara and consoles her.

Swara In Jail

Ragini and Sanskar will now doubt Kavita and assume that she is behind all the mishaps. Is Urvashi really dead? If so, who killed her? Is Kavita behind Urvashi's murder?

In the previous episode, along with Swara's marriage, Lakshya decides to get remarried to Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar). Swara and Sanskar will be happy with Lakshya's decision, while Annapoorna asks Lakshya, whether he is playing with Ragini's life. But, Lakshya tells his mother that he is giving Ragini another chance. Well, we have to wait to see if that is true, or whether Lakshya is trying to take revenge on Ragini.

On Swara's Sangeet ceremony, Swara invites Kavita, while Sanskar and Annapoorna are shocked to see Kavita. Swara tells Sanskar that now, he can keep an eye on Kavita, as he doubts her.

Swara, who has got Jhanki's mask, wants to know who is behind the drama. She decides to take the help of Kavita, without revealing to her, the complete plan.

Kavita informs Urvashi about Swara's plan, and warns her. Kavita decides to find what Swara is up to as she feels that she will be in trouble, if Urvashi gets caught.

Swara tells Ragini that she doubts Urvashi and will expose her with Kavita's help. But in the upcoming episode, we will witness Ragini helping Swara. Kavita thinks Swara has just taken her help, and others don't know about the plan of exposing Urvashi. (Click on the slides to read the spoilers)

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