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Swaragini: Swara Innocent; Lakshya Shocks Everyone By Marrying Another Girl; Guess Who She Is?

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In Swaragini, the sisters, Swara (Helly Shah) and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) have been facing problem and get separated. But after Urvashi's secrets were revealed, Ragini changed for good and reunited with Swara.

Just when everything seemed alright in the family, another problem surrounds the sisters, as Swara gets arrested during the Sangeet ceremony. The police accuse Swara of murdering Urvashi. Ragini and Sanskar, who knew the truth that Kavita is behind the murder, are helpless as they don't find the any evidences that favour Swara, to stop her from being arrested.


In the upcoming episodes, everybody will be upset that Sanskar is getting married to Kavita and not Swara. Sanskar-Kavita and Ragini-Lakshya will be seen taking pheras.

Swara Escapes

Swara escapes from the police vehicle that was shifting her to another jail. Swara would have overheard policemen conversing about a person who escaped from jail (on the day of Urvashi's murder).


Swara gets to know that that person is none other than Kavita's mother Kaveri, who is the real murderer of Urvashi. Kaveri will be seen helping her daughter Kavita to reunite with her love Sanskar.

Swara Stops Marriage

Swara reaches the venue and stops the marriage; she removes the gatbandhan of Sanskar and Kavita. She also reveals that Kaveri is the murderer.


The police also match the fingerprints (bloodstained) that were obtained from the hotel and Kaveri's fingerprints. Both fingerprints match. Also, Sanskar catches Kavita hitting a servant, and finds something hidden in her gunghant, that falls.

Sanskar Finds The Chip

Kavita hides something in her dupatta, but Sanskar finds the chip and shows the proof to the police. With this, Kaveri will be proved guilty and will be arrested.

Lakshya Shocks Everybody

Just when everybody thought their problem was solved, and Ragini was happy that she will finally get married to Lakshya, he shocks everybody by marrying another girl, who is his ex-girlfriend.

Lakshya's Ex-girlfriend

If you recall, we had mentioned about the entry of Lakshya's ex-girlfriend, which would be played by Kanchi Singh. But according to the latest reports, it is not Kanchi, but Roop Durgapal.

Third Person In Lakshya-Ragini's Life!

According to the latest spoiler, Roop will be creating trouble in Swara and Ragini's lives. Well, looks like, the sisters Swara and Ragini can never live peacefully, together!

Swara's lawyer also gives up, as the evidences that Ragini and Sanskar get are not strong enough to bail Swara out. Sanskar gets upset, but consoles Swara that he will bail her out and get married to her, while Ragini promises Swara that she will get the evidences to prove her innocent.

Kavita, who is behind the murder, emotionally blackmails Sanskar. She shows the video (on mobile) which proves that Swara is innocent, but for that she keeps a condition - Sanskar should marry her. When Sanskar tries to snatch the mobile to get the evidences, she throws it and the evidences are destroyed.

Kavita also tells Sanskar that she has copies of videos and still can help him to release Swara from jail. She gives him two days to decide. Sanskar agrees to get married to Kavita to save Swara.

On the other hand, Ragini and Sanskar find the secret door that Kavita would have taken to reach the hotel. They reveal the same to the lawyer. Since they don't have CCTV footage of the save to prove Kavita, the culprit, the lawyer again gives up!

At home, everybody gets upset thinking that Swara would be punished for the crime that she hasn't committed. Sanskar gets ready for the marriage, while Kavita taunts him! (Click on the slides to read the spoiler and to know who Lakshya's ex-girlfriend is)

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