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Swaragini: Sanskar & Swara Share Romantic Moments; Swara’s Life In Danger; Ragini To Commit Suicide!

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The makers of Swaragini are not leaving any stone unturned to keep the audiences engaged. We had already informed about three back to back twists on the show - Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar marriage, Lakshya and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) separation, and someone's death!

Sanskar takes Swara to a place in a helicopter. The place is decorated with flowers, and has a small tent. Sanskar proposes Swara, and promises to keep her happy.


Swara is upset because of the events that happened in her engagement ceremony, Sanskar tries to bring her back to normal. Sanskar comes to Swara’s home at midnight and gifts Swara a beautiful dress.


Sanskar plans for a romantic picnic and asks her to wear the dress gifted by him. Swara is impressed with Sanskar's gesture and gives a peck on his cheek. Sanskar is shocked, while Urvashi sees them from far.


Sanskar takes Swara to a park, where he bursts balloons, and one of the balloons has a ring. Swara is impressed again. Sanskar would have planned a lot of surprises for Swara.

Swara & Sanskar

According to the latest promo, Swara and Sanskar will be seen flying kites during Makar Sanskarti festival. The couple share a romantic moment, but their kite falls, and Swara goes in search of it.

A Lady Predicting Future

During this, she watches something unusual and follows it. A lady will be seen predicting future and telling about some danger; while another woman tries to kill Swara!


Also, Lakshya will plan to take Ragini's signature on the property papers and get back everything from her. He recalls the incidents that ruined his life and his family.


Lakshya asks Ragini to sign on the papers, while the latter signs it without reading the papers. Ragini will be later shocked to know about Lakshya's move.


Ragini feels cheated in love. She is shattered and tries to commit suicide. The family will blame Lakshya for this, while Urvashi blames Swara. Will Ragini die? Stay locked to this space, while we bring you the latest update of the show...

Swara and Sanskar dance romantically, and the latter gifts Swara, a dress for the engagement ceremony. Both reach the Maheshwari house, where all were waiting for them for the ceremony.

When Swara tries to confront Ragini, the latter starts her drama, and Swara gets upset, seeing the 'unchanged' Ragini. On the other hand, Urvashi and Dadi are concerned about Ragini as Swara will be back in the same house where she also lives.

Urvashi thinks Ragini will not be happy with Swara in the vicinity, and also feels her jiji (Ragini's dead mother) is unhappy with the developments!

Meanwhile, Swara and Sanskar dance with the family to the song 'Salam-E-Ishq', while Ragini, Dadi and Urvashi look unhappy. The engagement ceremony begins, but just when Sanskar was about to make Swara wear the ring, he sees blood on Swara's dress and gets shocked. The ring falls down.

Lakshya finds a dead bat on the chandelier and throws it out; while Urvashi starts her drama. She calls this inauspicious. Swara gets upset, while Sanskar and family members ask Swara to change the dress to continue the ceremony.

Later, the family members do not find the ring, and Sanskar ties a Mauli thread. Was the dead bat, Urvashi's idea? Why does Ragini try to commit suicide and what happens to Swara? Click on the slides to know the answers...

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