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Swaragini Spoilers: Swara Stops Sanskar & Kavita’s Marriage; Urvashi’s Murderer Revealed! (PICS)

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Well, here is a surprise for all Swaragini viewers. In fact, good news for those who do not want their favourite jodi Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar to get separated. Yes, you read it right, Kavita and Sanskar won't get married, and their marriage will be stopped by none other than Swara!

It is known to all that Swara was arrested for the crime that she had not committed. She was accused of killing her maasi Urvashi. Although, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) and Sanskar know that Swara is innocent, and Kavita is behind the crime, they will not be able to prove it; as they do not have any strong evidences.


In the upcoming episode, Kavita will show a few videos that could prove Swara innocent. When Sanskar tries to snatch the mobile from her, which had videos, Kavita destroys them as the mobile breaks into pieces.


Although, the evidences were destroyed, Kavita promises Sanskar that she can still prove Swara innocent, as she has a few more evidences. But, for that, Kavita asks him to marry her, first.


Ragini, who dreamt of getting married to Lakshya, along with her sister Swara's marriage (with Sanskar), will visit Swara in the jail. The sisters apply mehandi to each other. Ragini still believes that Swara will be proved innocent.

Ragini & Kavita

Sanskar gets ready to marry Kavita. Laskhya is shocked and informs the same to Ragini. Sanskar and Ragini lose hope of saving Swara. Ragini and Kavita get ready for the marriage ceremony.

Swara Stops Marriage

Sanskar-Kavita and Lakshya-Ragini take pheras in the same mantap. But, all of a sudden, someone stops the marriage. It is none other than Swara.


According to the spoiler, Swara would have heard from policemen, that Kavita's mother Kaveri escaped from the jail. Swara doubts Kaveri is behind Urvashi's murder.

Swara Escapes

Swara escapes from the police vehicle, which was shifting her to another jail after declaring her as the murderer. Swara collects evidences against Kaveri and reaches the marriage venue.

Swara Unties The Bandhan

Swara unties the bandhan of Kavita and Sanskar. The police follow Swara, and she reveal how and who murdered, which leaves the family shocked.


Sanskar also gets another evidence hidden in Kavita's gunghat. We feel, Kavita was hiding (pendrive) the evidence (video) that had recordings of Kaveri killing Urvashi.

Kaveri Arrested

Finally, Kaveri will be arrested, and Ragini's dream will be fulfilled. Swara-Sanskar and Ragini-Lakshya will get married in the same mantap. Stay locked to this space for the latest updates on the show...

In the previous episode, we saw Sanskar and Ragini meeting Swara in jail. Sanskar assures Swara that he will take her out of the jail, while Ragini promises to her that she will prove Swara innocent. Ragini takes Swara's place and tries to find the proof.

It has to be recalled that the police had arrested Swara seeing blood in her hand, but Sanskar tells the lawyer that it was sindoor dipped in water.

Ragini goes to the hotel room in search of evidences. She finds the tissue stained with blood and sends it to the laboratory. With the test, they get to know that Swara's hand had sindoor and not blood. Even with this, Swara was not proved innocent in the court as the case lacked strong evidence.

Also, Ragini and Sanskar go to the bakery and try to find out how Kavita went on to kill Urvashi. Failing to know the same, Sanskar loses patience and strangles Kavita. The family manages to calm Sanskar down.

Kavita will be behind Urvashi's murder and tries to blackmail Sanskar. She tells Sanskar that she has a few evidences that could prove Swara innocent. Now, Sanskar has only one way to save Swara, that is to get married to Kavita. (Click on the slides to read the spoilers)

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