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Tashan-e-Ishq: Anita Insults Leela; Twinkle Defends Her Mother

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In the last episode of Tashan-e-Ishq we saw Leela's husband was back. Leela was taken aback seeing him. She curses her fate. She wants to keep this a secret and doesn't want Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) to know about her father. Twinkle sees Leela unwell and asks her to take proper care of herself.

Twinkle receives two phone calls on Leela's phone. One of them was from Twinkle's dad. Twinkle takes it to be a work-related call and asks the person to call later as Leela is unwell. On the other side of the call, Twinkle's dad is happy to hear Twinkle's voice.


Leela is worried about her husband's return to their life. She doesn't want Twinkle to know about her father. She recalls her past and cries.


Twinkle is worried about Leela. She gets her lemonade to drink and asks her why she didn't think of a second marriage. Leela asks her to shut up and leave.


Anita gets angry with Cherry because their plan to kill Twinkle and Kunj failed. She ridicules Cherry. Cherry says that he is better than her son, Yuvi. Anita gets irritated by this remark.

Twinkle's Father

Leela's husband comes to meet Leela. But she is very upset with him. She scolds him and asks him to leave from there. He trips on the stairs and gets unconscious. Leela panics.

Twinkle Enters

Twinkle arrives at Leela's house and continuously rings the bell. But Leela doesn't open the door. Twinkle thinks of alternative ways to get in. She is finally able to enter the house. Will she meet her dad?


Kunj's childhood friend, Maya meets Twinkle. Maya's closeness with Kunj is surely bound to evoke jealousy in Twinkle. Twinkle will feel possessive about Kunj.

Anita To Plan Against Leela

Anita comes to Leela's house and insults her. Twinkle sees this. She defends her mother and stops Anita. What will be Anita's next plan to ruin Leela and Twinkle's happiness?

Meanwhile, Anita ridicules Cherry for not being able to do even a single task properly. Their snake plan has failed. Cherry says that at least he is better than Yuvi. Anita fumes at this remark.

Twinkle gives lemonade to Leela and asks her why didn't she think of a second marriage. Leela asks her to shut up. Twinkle leaves the room. Leela's husband calls her again and asks her permission to meet Twinkle. Leela outrightly denies this and asks him to stay away from her and Twinkle.

Kunj (Sidhant Gupta) would be seen leaving for college. There enters Maya. Maya happens to be Kunj's childhood friend. Kunj hugs her and introduces Maya to Twinkle. Leela is worried about her husband's return. She recalls Twinkle's childhood days and sobs.

Just then, her husband arrives. Leela asks him not to try to meet her, and scolds him for what he did to them. She shouts at him and leaves for her room. He follows her and trips. He falls on the stairs and becomes unconscious.

Leela runs to him and sprinkles water on his face. Twinkle rings the bell again and again. But Leela doesn't open the door. Twinkle gets worried and enters the house forcefully.

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