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Tashan-E-Ishq Spoiler: Yuvi To Become A Bad Boy Again; Plans Big To Steal Twinkle From Kunj! [PICS]

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In Zee TV's hit soap opera, Tashan-E-Ishq, Twinkle has enrolled in a college to complete her studies, thereby maintaining distance from both Kunj (Naman Shaw) and Yuvi (Zain Imam).

Kunj joins the same college as a boxing coach and Yuvi disguises himself as Jassi and joins the same class as Twinkle. So far, none of them are aware of his identity. Twinkle finds Jassi to be good and befriends him.

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Twinkle agrees to dance on behalf of a friend who gets injured during rehearsals. Twinkle's friend arranges for a partner, who is Yuvi. Yuvi declines to dance with Twinkle (it's his plan, as he wants Twinkle to show him sympathy and come forward to dance with him).

Kunj & Twinkle

Sadly, Yuvi's idea fails, as Kunj steps in to dance with Twinkle. She agrees to dance, to save the reputation of the college. They perform Salsa dance and receive applauses. Yuvi fumes in anger on seeing them together.


Meanwhile, Pallavi constantly spends time with Usha and tries to demean Twinkle in front of Usha, so that she can take her place in Kunj's life.

Will Kunj & Twinkle perform together?

Yuvi doesn't want Kunj and Twinkle to perform together. He tries to avoid it by spoiling Kunj's shirt by dropping sweets on his shirt, just before their performance. Pallavi plans to injure Twinkle by making the lights fall on her.

Goons Tease Twinkle

In the upcoming episodes, some goons would follow Twinkle while she is alone on the way to market. They would tease her and she is furious.


Kunj would wish to help Twinkle and decides to fight out the goons to save Twinkle, but Yuvi stops him, by saying that Twinkle is strong enough to handle the situation alone.

Twinkle Beats The Goons

Twinkle would decide to handle the situation alone and takes out her slippers. She would beat them up single-handedly and they will apologise to her and run away.


Actually, the goons would have been sent by Yuvi. He knows that Twinkle is capable of handling the situation alone and now that she is successful, he would encourage her, as he feels that, she will be impressed by his behaviour.

In the last episode, Twinkle agrees to take part in the Salsa competition, on behalf of another dancer, who gets hurt while rehearsing. One of her friends, suggest a partner for her, who turns out to be none other than Yuvi!

Yuvi, on the other hand, declines to be Twinkle's dance partner (as she wanted to distance herself from him). By doing this, he also feels that he might get Twinkle's sympathy!

Alas! It didn't turn out as planned, as Kunj asks Twinkle to dance with him. Twinkle agrees, to save the reputation of the college and dances with him. Yuvi fumes in anger.

Meanwhile, Anita is upset with the Sarnas as she feels that they have done injustice to Yuvi. Pallavi is trying to pull Twinkle's image down in front of Usha, as she loves Kunj and wants to take her place in Kunj's life.

On the day of the college fest, Kunj and Twinkle are at the backstage geting ready for their performance. Yuvi doesn't want them to perform together! Will Kunj and Twinkle perform together? Keep guessing!

In the upcoming episodes, Yuvi plans something big to impress Twinkle. What is it? Click on the slides to know more about the spoiler.

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