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Tashan-e-Ishq: Twinkle Cries Seeing Maya And Kunj Together!

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In the latest episode of Tashan-e-ishq, we saw Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) arranging for her father's death anniversary. Kunj (Sidhant Gupta) and RT are on their way to stop the havan.

Kunj tries to cut the electricity wire, but is unsuccessful. Somehow, the fire alarm sets off. Everyone inside the house panicks. Kunj and RT are happy at this.


Leela comes to RT's house. Kunj asks Leela why she is crying. Leela says she is feeling nostalgic. Kunj tells RT that Leela is not able to forgive him.


Kunj tells RT that Leela is not able to forgive him and Twinkle will never accept him. So, it's better for him to leave from Leela's life. RT denies.


Kunj tells Leela that it's time to take a decision. Either they will have to disclose everything to Twinkle or RT has to leave from their lives forever. Leela and RT are tensed.

Leela Denies

Leela disapproves of the idea to disclose everything to Twinkle. Kunj says that he will take care of Twinkle. But, Leela is not convinced.

Kunj Pushes RT

Kunj knowingly pushes RT. Leela runs towards him and gives support to RT. Kunj questions her why she is worried about RT so much. Leela finally says that she still loves him.

Twinkle and RT

RT's identity will be revealed to Twinkle soon. She will not accept her father initially. But, going ahead, she will be happy to get her father back. Leela and Twinkle will forgive RT.

Kunj and Maya

Kunj has helped Maya and in return asks her to do him a favour. He asks her to act in a play with him. Maya readily agrees.

Twinkle Cries

Kunj and Maya act close to each other in front of Twinkle. Twinkle feels jealous seeing them together. Twinkle has started loving Kunj and therefore cannot see him with anyone else!

Anita takes advantage of the situation and puts Leela's dupatta in the havan kund. The dupatta catches fire. Leela screams and throws it away.

She feels dizzy and is about to fall in the fire when RT comes there and saves her. Twinkle and Kunj rush to Leela. RT apologises to Twinkle for having come there. Leela opens her eyes and tells everyone not to worry as she is fine.

Twinkle says that she couldn't do the havan successfully. Kunj tells Twinkle to be thankful to God that Leela got saved. Twinkle thanks RT for saving her mother's life.

RT asks for Twinkle's forgiveness. But, Twinkle tells him that Leela had to undergo humiliation only because of him and so, she can't forgive him. RT blesses Twinkle and leaves. Kunj notices Leela getting sad at RT leaving.

On the other side, Maya discusses about her divorce with the lawyer. The lawyer hands over the divorce papers to her. Kunj arrives and consoles Maya.

He tells her that she doesn't need to be with someone who abuses her. Maya thanks Kunj for his support and also for being such a nice friend to her. She asks Kunj to keep the divorce papers in his bag as she has forgotten to get her bag.

Kunj asks her to help him tease Twinkle. He requests her to act in a play with him. Maya agrees. Kunj smirks thinking that he will be successful in teasing Twinkle.

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