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Tashan-e-Ishq: Twinkle Loves Kunj; Doesn't Want To Get Divorced!

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In the latest episode of Zee TV's Tashan-e-Ishq, Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) goes to Kunj's (Sidhnat Gupta) college to give him his lunch box. She is dressed in a saree to impress Kunj.

However, Kunj tells her that she looks good just as she is and she need not change herself. Twinkle wonders that if Kunj is behaving normal with her, then why he wants to divorce her.

Twinkle Is Jealous

Twinkle tells Chinki that Kunj always spends time with Maya and keeps praising her. She says that Kunj is her husband and it hurts her to see Kunj spending so much time with someone else.


Twinkle puts extra salt in Maya's pakoras and makes nice ones for Kunj. But, Mya and Kunj exchange plates and Twinkle's plan fails.

Kunj Consoles Maya

Kunj tells Maya that he is there to support her always. Maya tells her that her husband has been threatening her. Kunj asks her to stay calm and promised her that the divorce will surely happen.

Twinkle Is Worried

Twinkle gets worried listening to Kunj's words. She wonders why Kunj wants a divorce when he is behaving so well with her.

Twinkle Is Sad

Twinkle is sad listening to the divorce discussion between Maya and Kunj. She thinks that Kunj wants to divorce Maya. She gets sad as she has started loving Kunj and wants to be with him forever.

Kunj's Fake Play

Kunj is trying to fool Twinkle by acting close to Maya. He is deliberately doing this to make Twinkle confess her love for him. Stay tuned for further updates!

Anita has sent Cherry to the college to enquire about the play that Kunj is participating in. But he gets to know that it is just the beginning of a new session and there are no plays scheduled in the near future.

Cherry informs this to Anita. However, Kunj sees Cherry enquiring about the play. He arranges for fake papers of the play and gets the principal's signature forged on them.

Back home, Anita asks Kunj as to which college arranges for plays so soon after admission. Kunj shows her the papers. Anita is disappointed and leaves from there.

Maya comes to the Sarna house. Usha gets elated seeing her after such a long time. She tells her that Kunj always praises her. Twinkle feels jealous listening to this.

Usha asks Twinkle to prepare coffee for Maya. Maya proposes to help her in the kitchen. But, Twinkle denies. Leela tells Kunj that Twinkle would be very angry if she comes to know that he is doing a fake play.

Kunj says that they have to keep trying till Twinkle starts liking RT. Leela asks him to beware of Anita. Anita overhears their conversation and wonders what their plan is.

Twinkle brings coffee for Maya and is sad to see Maya and Kunj happily talking to each other. Twinkle offers to make pakoras for Kunj and Maya. Usha tells Twinkle to make good pakoras as Maya herself is a good cook.

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