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Tashan-e-Ishq: Will Kunj & Twinkle Discover Their Love While Trying To Reunite Twinkle’s Parents?

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The current plot of Zee TV's Tashan-e-Ishq revolves around the return of Leela's husband. Leela is struggling to keep it a secret so that Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) doesn't come to know about it.

However, Twinkle is soon going to find out that her father is alive and back to their lives. Will Twinkle accept him?
In the latest episode, we saw Usha taunting Twinkle about Leela's illicit affair. Kunj (Sidhant Gupta) asks Usha not to talk to Twinkle rudely, as she would feel bad. Meanwhile, Twinkle feels insecure about the growing closeness between Maya and Kunj.

Twinkle Plans For Leela’s Marriage

Twinkle is hurt by Leela's loneliness. She feels that Leela needs support. Therefore, she plans to get Leela married. Kunj supports Twinkle's decision.


Kunj tries his best to convince Leela to forgive her husband. He tells her that everyone deserves a second chance. Leela gets sad.

Leela’s Husband

Leela refuses to forgive her husband and gets ready to leave from there. Her husband holds her hand and stops her. He tells her that he talked to Kunj because he wanted to reunite with his family.


Twinkle would be passing by the Gurudwara. She would see Leela talking to the man there. Twinkle gets doubtful.

Twinkle And Kunj Fight

Kunj asks Twinkle to reunite Leela with her husband. However, Twinkle wants to find a new man for her mother. Twinkle and Kunj have a heated argument regarding this issue.

Kunj-Twinkle To Part Ways?

Kunj gets upset with Twinkle's insistence to get Leela married to some other person and not her father. He fights with Twinkle and decides to separate from her.

Twinkle Feels For Kunj

Twinkle is not ready to part from Kunj as she has started falling for him. She wants to give their marriage another chance. Will Kunj and Twinkle discover their love while trying to reunite Twinkle's parents?

Twinkle's dad meets Kunj. He tells Kunj to help him get back to his family. He tells Kunj that to err is human and everyone has the right to be given a second chance.

He explains to Kunj that he had to leave his family in compulsion. His business was in loss back then, he met with an accident and Leela had shifted to Amritsar. He says that Leela got the insurance money of his death.

And if he would have come back, then Leela would have faced legal issues. Kunj agrees to the fact that everyone deserves a second chance to rectify their mistakes.

He says that he will try to help. Kunj gets Leela to the Gurudwara. There Leela meets Maya and consoles her regarding her marriage issues. She tells Maya that she will always be there for her and Maya could contact her anytime.

Leela's husband comes there and Leela is shocked to see him. He questions Kunj, why is her husband there. Kunj asks her to give him a second chance. Kunj tells Leela that anger resides where love resides.

Meanwhile, Twinkle meets one person at the hotel with regard to Leela's marriage. Leela refuses to forgive her husband. Kunj questions her if she doesn't love him anymore. He asks her to recall the time spent with him.

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