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Thapki Pyar Ki New Twist: Along With Bihaan & Thapki, Dhruv & Aditi To Get Married! (PICS)

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It is double celebration in Thapki Pyar Ki. Along with Bihaan (Manish Goplani) and Thapki aka Vaani (Jigyasa Singh), Dhruv (Ankit Bathla) and Aditi will be getting married.

It is known to all that Vaani would have threatened Bihaan to marry her. The marriage preparations have already begun. Wondering, how the family members come to know about Dhruv and Aditi's love? Read on...

Shraddha & Aditi

Shraddha tries to kill Aditi by mixing a drug in her juice and locking her up in the fridge!! Fortunately, Aditi gains consciousness, and Thapki rescues Aditi. This doesn't go well with Shraddha. She will be trying a few more tricks to separate Aditi and Dhruv, but in vain.

Dhruv & Aditi

Dhruv and Aditi share a romantic moment. But Shraddha halts their romance. She warns Aditi to stay away from Dhruv. But, Dhruv confess his love for Aditi. He also warns Shraddha from hurting Aditi.


In the upcoming episodes, the family members get to know about Dhruv and Aditi's love. Vasu accepts Aditi and agrees for Dhruv and Aditi's marriage along with Bihaan and Thapki's marriage.

Vasu Upset

Now that Bihaan's chacha is exposed, the family members realise their mistake. Vasu repents for not trusting Thapki. Even Bihaan is guilty about the same.

Bihaan Tries To Woo Thapki

On the other hand, Bihaan is still trying hard to expose Vaani. He knows Vaani is Thapki and apologises to her for not trusting her. He also tries to woo her. But, Thapki hasn't forgiven Bihaan yet!

Trouble In Marriage!

Shraddha and Thapki aka Vaani's enemies try to create problem in their marriage. They try to stop Vaani and Dhruv's marriages! It has to be seen what difficulties Vaani and Dhruv have to face in the future!

Bihaan & Shankara

According to the latest promo, Bihaan will be seen with Shankara in the mantap. He dares Thapki to stop his (her husband's) marriage with another girl!

Story So Far...
It has to be recalled that Dhruv and Thapki had tried to expose Kosi many a times, but they fail. Dhurv and Thapki would have planned something big this time, and hopes that Kosi gets exposed.

Kosi and Bihaan's chacha will get married in a temple. Vaani (Thapki) takes the family members to the temple to show Kosi's reality. Seeing Kosi and Naman (Bihaan's chacha) getting married, Bihaan is shocked.

Dhruv reveals to the family members, that Kosi and Naman are the real culprits and not Thapki. He makes the family members realise that they did a big mistake by throwing Thapki out of the house.

Just when we thought Kosi will be exposed, she changes her side, and starts blaming Naman. She lies to them that it was Naman who forced her to get married to him. He had threatened her, that he would kill her son, if she doesn't marry him. This was the reason why she agreed to Naman's conditions!

Naman accepts that he loves Kosi and wants to marry her. Bihaan gets wild and picks a rock to kill him. But Vasu stops him.
Again, the family members fall into Kosi's drama!

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