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Udaan Spoiler: Chakor Takes Care Of An Wounded Suraj; Is This The Beginning Of Their Love Story?

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Colors' popular show Udaan is keeping the audiences completely hooked, all thanks to its twists and turns. Chakor and Suraj's love-hate relationship is being loved by the audiences.

Chakor and Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) are hell-bent upon sending Kamal Narayan to jailor. They are successful in finding out the whereabouts of jailor Yadav, who has proofs against Kamal Narayan. Will the couple be successful in their efforts? (Check out the latest spoiler below).

Jailor Yadav Aims At Suraj

In the upcoming episodes, Jailor Yadav is revealed to be conspiring against Suraj, by joining hands with Ragini. As per Ragini's orders, Yadav will aim at Suraj to kill him.

Vivaan Saves Suraj

As per the latest spoiler, Vivaan will turn out to be Suraj's saviour this time. Suraj will pretend to be dead. Ranjana, Ragini and Kamal Narayan will arrive there on time and wil be happy on seeing Suraj dead.

Chakor Is Shocked

Chakor will arrive there and will breakdown upon seeing Suraj. Vivaan will arrive and aim at Ranjana, so that Kamal Narayan frees Chakor and Suraj. Vivaan's plan works and Kamal Narayan sets the couple free.

Chakor Takes Care Of Suraj

Suraj will be injured and Chakor will cater to his wound. Suraj is afraid of the medicines and yells at his commanding wife, who taunts him for being scared of the ointment.

Suraj & Chakor's Eyelock

The couple will share an eyelock, when Chakor is catering to Suraj's wounds. Is this the beginning of this love story? Wait and watch.

Kamal Narayan's Plan

As per the latest spoiler, with previous Kamal Narayan's plans being failed, he will plan something big this time. As per his plan, he will send Chakor to Delhi for a few days, so that he can kill Suraj.

Chakor & Suraj Together

All his plans will go for a toss, when Suraj will decide to accompany his wife to Delhi, fearing her safety. With this, viewers can expect some sweet 'nok-jhok- moments between the couple.

In The Last Episode...

Suraj and Chakor have successfully found out jailor Yadav's location. Suraj and jailor Yadav are hiding from Kamal Narayan's henchmen. On the other hand, Kamal Narayan wants to track Suraj.

One of his henchmen lands at Suraj's location and aims gun at Suraj. He calls Kamal Narayan to infrom Suraj's location. Luckily, Chakor who is with Kamal Narayan at that time, prevents him from getting to know the locatioon, as she throws his phone away.

Suraj's servant saves Suraj from Kamal Narayan's henchman and gives the tiffin, which Chakor had sent for him. On the other hand, Chakor escapes from Kamal Narayan and runs to meet Suraj.

On the way, she comes across Vidya Sinha (Vidya Balan), who is in search of her daughter and hopes that, she will find her daughter soon. Meanwhile, Imli is worried as Vivaan is not answering her calls.

Later, Chakor lands in jailor Yadav's house to find proofs. Chakor gets a recording a as a proof to send Kamal Narayan back to jail. On the other hand, Kamal Narayan gets to know Suraj's location.

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